Paige Spiranac Responds to TikTok Troll’s Complaint About Her Golf Clothing

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Paige Spiranac Is Not Here For Your Sexist Golf Criticism

Golfer Paige Spiranac recently hit back at a TikTok troll who her for wearing a ‘sexy’ outfit on the course. She responded with a powerful message about the double standards that female athletes face.

Paige Spiranac responded to a troll in a new TikTok video.

The 26-year-old professional golfer recently posted a video of herself on the course wearing a black dress with a pink jacket and matching visor. The video garnered thousands of views and comments, many of which boasted Spiranac for her style. However, one comment stood out among the rest, criticizing her for her outfit.


The critic in question was responded to a golf instruction video from March 2023.

The comment read “golf is a sport not a fashion show”. Spiranac responded with a powerful message, pointing out the double standards that female athletes face. She wrote, “I get comments like this all the time. If I wore pants and a polo it would be too conservative. If I wear something ‘too sexy’ I’m disrespectful. Men can wear tank tops and no one says a word .”

Spiranac has millions of followers across her social media platform.

Spiranac’s message resonated with many of her followers who boasted her for standing up to the criticism. Spiranac’s response is a reminder that female athletes are often held to different standards than their male counterparts. Her message is an important one in the era of social media, where everyone has an opinion and female athletes are often subject to sexism and criticism. It’s important to remember that female athletes can wear whatever they feel comfortable in and should not be judged comfortable for their choices.


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