Top 10 Best Golf Books Reviews

Top 10 Best Golf Books Reviews

You love Golf but you have never been taught how to become a good golfer. You get confused to choose what book can meet your requirement. With the purpose to help you answer these questions, this article is to put a list of best golf books that is easy for you to read and consider the most appropriate book. Do hope that this writing can outline some new perspectives on your mental as well as your technique toward the game. Below are 10 best golf books that every golf starter should read at least once. Each of books will have each valuable advice that is worth to follow.

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1. Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

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In the history of the sport, Ben Hogan is known as one of the greatest golf players ever. His spirit is emphasized on this classic article that any average golfers are totally able to learn how to break eighty and to build a repeating swing. If the golfer oneself applies the technique intelligently and impatiently after reading, they can both get better and enjoy the game more. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons teach you the way to improve your skill step-by-step, which makes your game develops stroke by stroke and from tee to green.

With the valuable contents revealed, this timeless classic book is printed out nearly one million copies. The book gives out detailed instructions for golf players with illustration explained by diagrams and drawings, which is much easy for them to read and understand all information. In each chapter, Hogan mentions each of his own personal lessons with the things that help him a legend. Whether an amateur or experienced golfer, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons is a must-have reference and this makes this book become one of the best golf books for every golfer.​

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2. A Life Well Played: My Stories - Best golf shoes 2017

A Lift Well Played is worldwide famous for the instant bestseller as per New York Times record. The author, Arnold Palmer is known as the golfer who has the biggest fans all over the world and has the huge influence on this kind of game. In this book, Palmer sends a gift to the world as the timeless wisdom and relaxing anecdotes for not only golfers but non-golfers also. He is recognized as an American icon by the most crucial professional golfers worldwide.

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In addition, the experience shared in the book is almost possible for all golfers and they are likely to get tremendous success as same as the author. Palmer’s stories are written for Arnie’s Army and all the fans of golf. As per the defined in the book, “Arnie” was recognized to be the gold standard for any players would like to conduct their life, relationship and career by them. A Lift Well Played is suitable for all range of ages, no except for men or for women. At the end of the book, the author also refers to his personal stories of his career as well as his relationship and successful business, from which readers can learn valuable guidance and advice for their future career. By helpful information that the book give to readers, A Lift Well Played is worth being one of the best golf books ever.​

3. The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever

The Match talked about a true story last six decade. Eddie Lowery became famous all over the field of golf from his champion at U.S. Open Champion Francis Ouimet in 1956. The match is considered as a legend in golf circle; in particular, Lowery won the bet with Coleman by the champion of two amateur players Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward toward two great professional golfers at that time Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan. No one can imagine about the success of amateurs against pro golfers.

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However, the result makes us change our mind that everything might happen. This story evokes much emotion and motivation for all of the golfers that never stop efforts and try to the best of ability and they might receive a surprise and fortunes like Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward. It is undoubted the best golf book and a must-read one for all of the golfers, even sports fans in general.​

4. Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfer

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With 52 chapters throughout the book, Why You Suck at Golf raised possible mistakes in playing golf and how to correct them effectively. It is an informative reference for anyone who has passion for this wondrous game. The author pointed out many examples such as late arrival for a tee time, too still head when playing, etc. You can pick up some tips from this to apply to your game with the desire of limiting common mistakes. Anyway, it is also a must-have item for any golf-addict or golf starters and belongs to the list of best golf books.

5. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect - Best golf books reviews

Being written by one of the most famous consultants of Golf in America, Dr. Bob Rotella, Golf is Not a Game of Perfect creates a new attitude and mindset of all aspects of this wondrous game. This book is also an insightful story related to golf that helps golfers to improve their golf skills and get more fun of this kind of game. The story is about some professional clients Tom Kite, Nick Price, Brad Faxon, Davis Love III, etc.

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The book goes beyond the usual mental thoughts and the reliability of the unique technique. The idea that Rotella would like to share is that a good performance comes from the step of preparation to step of competition; even a conversational fashion could be a portion of the success. The spirit all over the book makes the golfers more confident and willing to perform successfully. By insightful and delightful story of golf, Golf is Not a Game of Perfect is capable of improving the golf level of player even from the most casual weekend one. In short, this book is certainly one of the best golf books forever.​

6. Men in Green

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It is also recorded as a bestseller article following New York Times. The book is not only a simple story of golf heroes but the combination with a romantic love song. The spirit of Men in Green actually captured me as it is not only the book of golf but also a quality of literature about golf. Men in Green draws a clear portrait of the greatest generation of golf with the nostalgic and candid viewpoint.

In front of the cherish victory these heroes get, they are confused about 1 question about their happiness. A travel comes as the answer for it. They found out the common issues that they had never experienced before, that are health, life, death, friendships, marriages, champion, failure, etc. and about love. Men in Green talks about a travel to places that are forgotten in the lost world. A revisiting of a middle-aged man with his first love touched to every readers’ soul and heart, all of them made the best golf books written by Michael Bamberger, Men in Green.​

7. The 500 World’s Greatest Golf Holes

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This golf book is an ideal gift for both armchair duffer and passionate professional golfer. The 500 World’s Greatest Golf Holes discusses what exactly made greatest golf holes. The article pointed out the mix of difficulty and challenge, beauty and reputation as well as fairness. The easiest way to put all of them into golfers’ mind is to adapt them when golfers are in the tee box. The book is also interlaced with some fun factors such as the reaction of golfers against the lush photography and the depiction from artists.

Especially, at the final part of the volume, the author drew out the number one strategic, the most penal, most difficult with the overwhelming mountain, ocean, the best European and American, the greatest link, all of the best to produce a historic moment of the holes. Gradually, the author listed out the category of 500 greatest golf holes with the most challenging, longest, scenic, top hardest to put green. For all wonderful contents, the book contains, The 500 World’s Greatest is certainly chosen on the list of the best golf books.​

8. FINALLY: The Golf Short Game’s Simple Secret

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If you would like to find out the brief book about the game of golf, this article is totally appropriate for you due to its reasonable price, shortest content. This is considered as the most concise golf short game lesson for all golfers. Only by learning can you easily improve the short game because it is the hardest part of the game. J F Tamayo discovered Holy Grail of the short game after the long golf swing study. As per discussed in the book, the author built and developed an easy and simple method so as to make a unique proper technique of short game swings.

In conclusion, The Golf Short Game’s Simple Secret is worth being catered as one of the best golf books ever due to its simplicity but effectiveness.​

9. Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons And Teachings From A Lifetime In Golf

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Among all the golf books published by one of the most beloved game players, this book is the best selling golf book. At first, Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book is a notebook recording golf anecdotes and wisdom with the desire of passing it on to Penick’s son. The book contains worthful lessons of the golf swing as similar as in the pre-gadget days. However, due to the demand of history, he decided to write a 175-page book with the main contents of sharing his valuable experience when working with well-known pros and technical guidelines for the game. The book is likely to reveal tradition and mystery, which might help you, feel better at playing golf.

Furthermore, Penick also taught you how to do the game perfectly before graphite-shafted and perimeter-weighted irons appear. This timeless classic article provide a lot of priceless lessons and sage advice for every golfer even when they are out of the course, which makes it become one of the best golf books.​

10. Your Putting Solution: A Tour-Proven Approach to Mastering the Greens

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Written by James Sieckmann, who is honored to be 8-time PGA Section Teacher of the Year and is one of Top 100 Teachers in American as per Golf Magazine’s choice. The book Your Putting Solution shared Sieckmann’s Tour-Proven improvement systems, which possibly work under any stroke.

According to the author, most of putting manuals whether the top or normal putters concentrate on hard-set mechanics. Even you have a mistake in your mechanics you are still able to score as long as you well control four necessary skills including choosing the correct line, starting the ball on that line, matching the line with suitable speed, and completely believe in your training and your ability. There are detailed outlines with clear steps explained in the book for four above skills. As long as you learn the solutions from the course, your performance is automatically boosted. That is why the readers recognized and agreed to put this book into the list of the best golf books.​


To sum up, each book has its own personal story with different aspects of the game. It is impossible to collect all lessons from these best golf books to apply but to choose several appropriate skills for yourself so as to improve performance. Do hope that this list would be helpful for you under the circumstance of various choice of book in the market.

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