Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Review

Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Review
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Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Review – The Bushnell Neo Ghost is a wearable mini GPS device that gives a wide range of course information. The first things you notice when you pick it up is how light the 42g device feels and how large the screen is relative to the size of the device.

Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS
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Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Review

Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Review
Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS

At over 3cm wide it displays the front, middle and back yardages very clearly in a rather functional font that continues the square theme .

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS
Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS

The Neo Ghost charges using the supplied micro USB cable and claims to last 16 hours of GPS time or three rounds of golf on a single charge. The rubber USB port cover is a little feisty to open, but at least that means it stays in place when closed.

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS
Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS

When you turn it on it shows the date and time by default and then you have to tell it to search for courses by pushing the Menu button on the right, then choose Play Golf on the screen with the Select button.

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS
Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS

From here it took around 40 seconds to find the course I was playing, although sometimes it took longer and I would not say it is the slickest operating system around, but it does the job.

If you click the select button on the left during a hole it will bring up distances for up to 4 hazards at a time, which is good for this level of device. The abbreviations are easy enough to work out and I paced a few out and they were accurate enough.

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS

The Neo Ghost will advance automatically from one hole to the next, or if it gets lost, you can use the Up and Down buttons on the left to scroll through the holes whether you are on the distance or hazard screens, which is good.

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS

There is a shot measurement option to measure the distance of your latest fairway bomb or bionic approach to the hole that is easy to use with just a couple of clicks.

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS

The Neo Ghost uses the iGolf course database and can store 33,000 golf courses. That is a lot, but it may be worth checking that your course is in the online database before you buy.

Here at Golfalot HQ we are based at Swanston which has an 18 hole and 9 hole course and a little test I do is to see if the GPS can find the Templar 9-holer. Most GPS do, but unfortunately the Neo Ghost did not as there is no information on the iGolf database for this course, even though the 18 hole course is on there.

However the yardages provided were pretty accurate when checked with a laser, with the front of the green yardage being to the nearest point in the middle.

The Neo Ghost comes with a plastic clip that enables you to attach it to your belt or bag. It feels quite robust and should fit comfortably on most reasonable bag rims of up to 1cm easily and will do larger ones, but that could compromise its integrity.

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS

Even though you might think that you can orientate the square shape in the clip any way that suits you, you can’t because the buttons are only accessible when the device is inserted vertically. Therefore putting it upside down on your belt is not an option.

However there is an option with how it looks as there is a choice of four colours to suit your golfing mood.

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS

Overall I liked the Bushnell Neo Ghost and at under £100 it is very competitively priced, with a clear display showing front, middle and back yardages plus hazard information too.

If you are looking for a good quality, entry level GPS, then the Neo Ghost is The One.




Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS Rangefinder

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS Rangefinder – Product Details

UK LaunchMarch 2015
UK Launch RRP£99
Device TypeGPS Handheld
Shot MeasurementYes
Power OptionsRechargeable
DimensionsWidth: 55mm, Height: 55mm, Depth: 15mm
Screen SizeWidth: 34mm, Height: 34mm
Device Weight42 grams
Course Capacity33,000
Manufacturer’s WebsiteBushnell Website

Reviewed by Martin HopleyGolfalot.com

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