Chamblee calls anchor ban enforcement 'appalling'

Chamblee calls anchor ban enforcement 'appalling'
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The anchor ban has been in place for a year and a half, but debate – and emotion – still lingers.

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee took to Twitter this weekend to criticize enforcement of the ban, calling it “appalling.”

With regard to the anchoring ban on the PGA Tour Champions,it’s appalling,I have never seen such gross disregard for the spirit of the game.

— brandel chamblee (@chambleebrandel) July 2, 2017

Chamblee stated he was against the initial ban, but now his issue is with the way the rule in enforced.

I didn’t agree with the ban, because bifurcation was necessary, but post ban, I’m disgusted with the application. Intent?!! #rulesbeingbent

— brandel chamblee (@chambleebrandel) July 2, 2017

Though he didn’t mention Bernhard Langer by name, the manner in which the anchor ban is enforced resurfaced this week at the U.S. Senior Open. People on social media as well as Fox Sports discussed how close Langer keeps his left hand to his chest while using a long putter.

Ok, so this was Langer for eagle today on 14 – how is this not anchoring/cheating? @GeoffShac @MichaelClayto15 @johnhuggan

— Shane Gurnett (@gurngunja) July 1, 2017

USGA discussed the matter with Langer before his Saturday round.

“They brought it to my attention, but they said you’re totally within the rules, there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing,” Langer said. “It didn’t bother me.”

Chamblee calls anchor ban enforcement 'appalling'

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