Fans can expect to see recovery devices on-course

Fans can expect to see recovery devices on-course
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Yardage book. Sharpie. Training aids. Golf gloves and towels.

Increasingly, fans may now see players add another important item in their golf bags: personal recovery devices.

The TOUR recently partnered with Hyperice, the industry leaders in recovery technology, designating Hyperice the Official Recovery Device of the PGA TOUR.  Those devices, provided their use is for medical purposes, are permitted under the Rules of Golf for use during PGA TOUR competition. Use of a recovery device should not delay play, should be used in consideration of other competitors, and should only be used for medical or stretching purposes.

The partnership with Hyperice reaffirms the TOUR’s dedication to protecting player health, advancing the sport and promoting optimal performance. Lanto Griffin, who finished, 18th in the 2020 FedExCup, said, “The Hypervolt is on hand at all times to work out any kinks I’m feeling.”

Players are being provided with a Hypervolt Plus (Bluetooth) as part of the TOUR’s partnership with Hyperice.

Source: PGA tour

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