GolfLogix Golf GPS app Review

GolfLogix Golf GPS app Review
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GolfLogix Golf GPS app Review – The first thing you should know about the GolfLogix app is that although it is free to download, you will be required to pay around £20 to upgrade to the ‘Champion Level’ that offers a far more comprehensive service that the basic level.

GolfLogix Golf GPS app
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You will also be required to pay approximately £20/year to keep using the app. For a lot of people, that will turn them off, but we recommend you at least give the trial a shot.

GolfLogix Golf GPS app

The app is a all-in-one caddy service that offers many different ways to be guided around any of their over 21,000 mapped courses. You can use the basic GPS format which outlines distances to the front/middle/back of the green, any hazards and also the distance required to leave yourself 100/125/150 yards.

GolfLogix Golf GPS app Review 2
GolfLogix Golf GPS app

One feature we really liked that is found in this format, is the ability to easily measure the distance of your shots. After you hit, simply select the club you hit and walk to your ball.

When you arrive at your ball, click ‘save’ and the distance will automatically be tracked both within the app and on your on-line profile.

You can also use aerial maps to guide you around the course selecting where you want to hit, the app will let you know the distance to that spot and the distance from that spot to the centre of the green, as well as bringing out a 200/225/250 yard green on tee shots to show you where you drive may land.

Where available, you can also zoom into an aerial view of the green and get even more in depth distances. The scoring feature is extremely easy to use and you can keep track of all your stats and keep track of any bets or games you have going.

The app is very popular in America, and we can see why. It is easy to use, accurate and extensive. It will give you all the information you could ever need to guide you around a course.

We really liked the ability to track shot distances and track those distances and any stats on the on-line community.

The annual price, along with the sometimes slow course loading process may put people off using this app, but we think it is great and probably the best GPS available.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
GolfLogix Golf GPS Golf App

GolfLogix Golf GPS Golf App – Product Details

Golfer Mens, Women, Senior, Junior
App Type GPS
Operating Systems iPhone
Cost Free
Size (MB) 10.2MB
Manufacturer’s Website GolfLogix Website

Reviewed By Martin Hopley –

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