Jordan Spieth had a thoughtful response to Tom Brady’s retirement

Jordan Spieth had a thoughtful response to Tom Brady’s retirement
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When it comes to discussing Tom Brady’s official retirement, few in the professional golf space can offer the perspective that Jordan Spieth can.

From both being Under Armour ambassadors to playing rounds together at Augusta National to Brady helping Spieth get through his prolonged slump, the two have formed a close relationship over the years.

So, naturally, Spieth was asked for his thoughts on the NFL quarterback’s decision to hang it up. Here are Spieth’s thoughts, unabridged:

“Well, he plays a real sport, but I think, I was actually a bit surprised just because of the level that he’s still playing at. And just the limited but quality time I’ve spent with him – we’ve played a couple rounds at Augusta National, we’ve done some things through Under Armour, California to Baltimore and then over the phone just keeping in touch – just the competitiveness that he has, like I feel like he’s got to find a hobby or something because he’ll go nuts sitting still.

“But obviously as I’ve seen, he’s voiced that his priorities are going to be with his family and obviously he’s given so much to the game that that part of his life he’s going to really – kids growing up and getting older and spending time with them. So, I think his perspective has changed. I think he was quoted as saying his preparation wasn’t going to be as competitive or something, he didn’t see himself going through the amount that he would want to go to leading into each week.


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“As far as our relationship, he’s not only somebody who has I think helped when things have been going really well for me, helped kind of boost that and give advice on how to continue to kind of push yourself forward when things are going really well. But he’s also one of a few phone calls I’ve gotten when things are really bad to be able to be somebody that can relate to the ups and downs of a career and kind of what he went through and giving his perspective.

“And I’m actually – I’ve read ‘TB12 Method’ before, but I’m in the middle of it right now reading it each night, just kind of going through it again mainly just to kind of look into what he’s done. I think he changed the way that athletes should not only prepare but also recover. And I think looking at a sport that was just so rooted in your go lift heavy weights, that’s how you get stronger, that’s how you perform better; I mean he’s totally reshaped the game of football.

“But I think in a sport like golf where longevity is key, there’s a lot to learn from him, as well.”


Source: GolfChannel

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