Kevin Na: Brooks Koepka, other pros liked my Grayson Murray tweet

Kevin Na: Brooks Koepka, other pros liked my Grayson Murray tweet
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Kevin Na apparently wasn’t the only one who got a chuckle out of his social-media spat with fellow pro Grayson Murray.

Speaking with Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, Na said that he’s heard from several other tour pros and caddies, including Brooks Koepka, after trading Twitter barbs with Murray on Friday night.

“It was amazing how many players and caddies came up to me and complimented me – not on my round but my tweet,” Na said. “I’ve had some big boys telling me how good it was. Even Brooks Koepka messaged me saying how good of a tweet that was.”

Murray took a shot at Na’s pace of play (for the record, it was, um, deliberate), saying, “Kevin Na taking 3 minutes to putt them does get old,” while quote-tweeting this Chantel McCabe tweet: “Kevin Na walking in putts does not get old.”

Na later responded with a burn of his own, firing back, “U missing the cut is getting old!”

“I had an idea people were going to laugh because [before] I tweeted it – my caddie Kenny Harms was next to me – I said, ‘Look at this idiot,’” Na recalled. “I said, ‘Watch this,’ and I showed him, and he was laughing pretty hard.”

While Koepka’s feud with Bryson DeChambeau resulted in a lucrative made-for-TV match and (likely) some major P.I.P. points, Na downplayed the financial potential for this row with Murray, who hasn’t played on Tour since last July as he continues to battle anxiety issues.

“Somebody mentioned, ‘Oh, is this the dual like we had with Bryson and Brooks?’” Na continued. “I said, first of all, he’s not even on Tour; you have to be somebody good to make this worthwhile and make money out of this match. Me … maybe I can create a buzz, barely; I’m not a major winner, you know, I’m maybe an above-average player on Tour. And who’s this guy? Nobody cares, that’s the sad part.”


Source: GolfChannel

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