Langer: Jealousy plays a role in anchoring criticism

Langer: Jealousy plays a role in anchoring criticism
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Bernhard Langer and his long putter will be back in the spotlight this week at the Senior Open at Royal Porthcawl.

The 59-year-old told The Telegraph on Wednesday that it is “hurtful” some would accuse him of still anchoring his putter against his sternum, which was outlawed by golf’s governing bodies in 2016.

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee has been one of the most ardent critics of Langer and fellow ex-anchorer Scott McCarron, who have combined to win three of the four majors this year. The USGA has defended both players.

“I personally don’t understand it,” Langer told The Telegraph, “because I’m a man of integrity, and the last thing I want to do is break rules and be known for cheating. I’m not touching any part of my body, and I know I’m within the rules. I have conferred with the rules officials on a regular basis, and they have wholeheartedly said, ‘You’re not breaking any rule.’ You have a few people who question my integrity, which is really hurtful.”

Langer has enjoyed one of the best years of his over-50 career, winning three times (including two majors, which pushed him past Jack Nicklaus for the most senior majors all time), finishing second twice and posting four other top-10s in 12 starts. With more than $2 million in earnings, he is more than $600,000 ahead of McCarron on the money list.

“It’s human to be jealous, let’s put it that way,” Langer said, according to the report. “If I was 180th on the money list, I don’t think anybody would be talking about it. But I’ve been No. 1 the last few years.” 

Langer: Jealousy plays a role in anchoring criticism

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