Lyle in hospital after 'abnormal' blood test

Lyle in hospital after 'abnormal' blood test
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Jarrod Lyle has returned to the hospital for what his doctors fear is a third battle with cancer.

The 35-year-old Australian has twice beaten leukemia, most recently in 2012. (Rex Hoggard flew to Australia three years ago to document Lyle’s story. Read the entire series here.) 

A family spokesman released this statement Tuesday:

“A routine blood test conducted earlier this week returned abnormal results and Jarrod was immediately admitted to hospital and placed under the care of his previous medical specialist. He will remain there at least until a full diagnosis has been made.

“He has undergone several tests, and will have several more in the coming days. At this point, we have not yet received complete test results, so there is no definitive diagnosis and we do not have an agreed treatment plan.

“We cannot speculate about anything until we get more information. We are grateful to be surrounded by incredibly supportive people and we truly appreciate your consideration and respect for our privacy at this time.”

Lyle left the PGA Tour last fall after failing to keep his card and returned to Australia.

Lyle in hospital after 'abnormal' blood test

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