Most Expensive Golf Sport In The World

Most Expensive Golf Sport In The World
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A game of golf can be as costly as you compose it. If you don’t possess $200 for a game, do not be disheartened because local golf avenue may suit your pocket. Green charges differ based on the variety of facility and the location of the avenue. The golf course dearness is also based on demand and supply.

Most Expensive Golf Sport In The World

If you don’t possess $200 for a game, do not be disheartened because local golf avenue may suit your pocket. Green charges differ based on the variety of facility and the location of the avenue. The golf course dearness is also based on demand and supply.

Places in town and cities with numerous golf courses of all creeds bring down the charges. Municipal golf avenues charge less. Resort golf course is expensive and exclusive. Daily public golf courses are privately owned and have variations based on:

Most Expensive Golf
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  • Maintenance expense
  • Location
  • Construction etc

However, the fee charged for daily playing can be as inexpensive as much as $25 every round of 18 holes.

Municipal Golf Avenue is low cost amounting to $15 for a walk. The most economical are the small town course with 9 holes. The player will end up paying below $10 without the cart for the entire day. Hiring a cart is an additional expense. In some courses, the cart charges are added to the greens fees. The golfer has the choice of accepting or leaving the cart. Inquire if cart absence brings the expensive down. The discount is not always applicable.

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Golf Courses Division Factors

Golf courses are classified as follows:

  • Through access-decides who all can play
  • Through size-variety in holes
  • Through setting and design

Private clubs keep within limits the entry of players. These clubs are comparatively more expensive.  Thus, it has preferential rules for players.  Public courses allow the general public to use the avenue. Included in this category are cities and counties municipal course and those coming with a daily fee on the course! The facility is for every player.

Resort courses are private property; on the campus is a luxurious hotel with spa and restaurants. The guests receive preferred tee times and rebate on green fees which daily fee users are denied. On books, the course is for public, but guests of the hotel are offered the facility to their advantage.

Semi-private courses trade membership and permit non-members for play. Those players who buy membership get preferred tee periods and cheaper green fees. They through membership access other club facilities and perks. Private courses permit only paid members on their premises. The membership fees at times are exorbitant. The non-member can venture here as the guest of the member.

Golf Course through Size

The classification of the course is done through:

golf course
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  1. Number of holes 18 number typically 18
  2. Types of holes are labeled as par-3, par-4 or par-5

18 hole avenue has no special name except golf course; it has par-4 holes and with a blend of par-3 as well as par-5 as the standard. A 9-hole course has par-4 and lesser number of par-5 holes.

The executive course can be either 18 holes or 9 holes but is shorter in dimension; mostly it is par-3 and lesser par-4 as well as par-5 holes. The aim is to conclude rounds is a shorter time. Par-3 course dimensions are small compared to Executive Avenue and quicker to conclude the game.

Approach course is smaller than par 3 course. It is meant for:

  • Professional golfers to pitch and chip
  • Use by starters

In this course, selective holes can be of 100yards in length, but a greater number of holes is shorter few only 30 and 40 yards. It is, for this reason, the course is also labeled as pitch and putt course.

Courses by Types and Designs

The classification is based on:

design of golf
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  1. Geographical location
  2. Architectural principles

Link courses are positioned on sandy shores endowed with natural wind limited trees and a lot of high coastal grasses. The greens are slow but large and stable quick fairways. The rough and surfaced fairways are watered by nature. The player has the choice to run the ball forwards on the ground towards the green. Spacious and deep bunkers are present. One such example, of course, is Scotland.

Parkland course is lavishly shaped with grassy fairways, and quick greens have a lot of trees and are situated inland. It is park look alike. Many PGA tour avenues are its example. Desert course as the name suggests is in the desert. The only grass visible is on the tee- ground, fairways and on putting. An aerial view shows it as lack of green through the sand rocks and scattered cactus; Southwest USA has such course.


Golf is by large a secure game so long it is played with common sense keeping in mind the safety rules otherwise injuries happen. The game we all know is played by swinging the metal clubs that pushes the ball with terrific speed. If a person happens to be in the way of the club or the ball it can be fatal. If you do not protect yourself from the sun or the thunder lightening or fluid intake on a hot day you are inviting problem requiring medical assistance.

As you get ready to keep an eye on those around you are at a safe distance. It is the responsibility of the player. Swing the ball with care and alertness. More alertness is required when younger players are part of the team. See forwards towards the right and the left and the region you are zeroing on. Once you are satisfied that no person is on your horizon, hit the ball.

In case, your ball lands in the close by fairway or you think the fairway is vacant which not the case as the view is blocked by trees or hillock. Yell Fore in a loud voice. This is the international code for foretelling danger to other players. It signifies take cover.

 If you hear those sounds do not stand and survey the land or stretch your neck to see. In this, you can be the target. Reach for cover as fast as you can. Safeguard your head first. If you are angry, then control your anger through breathing exercise. Remember to treat the other players as camaraderie and friends. If you happen to come across course marshal; stop him by requesting him to assist in speeding up the game.

Almost all golf carts have a safety label on them. Take time to go through them and follow instructions. You can take the cart on the pathways. Follow all safety rules.  Do not swing your feet out of the cart once it is in motion. Prevent the cart from traveling off the pathway onto the uneven terrain. Suspend speed on curves or on descending a hillock. Do not drink and drive the cart. At every crossing be vigilant.


Golf is a very sophisticated game with etiquette. However, it is not simply manners. The etiquette is inclusive of:

golf etiqutes
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  • Safety of the player
  • Pace of play for all to enjoy the game
  • Maintaining the avenue of the game

Thus, etiquette is the important essence of the game. The new entrants slowly learn the rules of the game as they play and interact with experienced players.


We welcome comments from our players experienced and fresher. No query is silly for us. We extend all information related to the game and are interactive.  Contact us with your queries and make the game for safe and qualified.

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