Product Spotlight: Aldila Ascent shafts

Product Spotlight: Aldila Ascent shafts
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In terms of additional technology, the Impact Stabilization Zone is paired with a heavy tungsten prepreg material in the tip of the shaft to increase mass towards the clubhead, which adds additional force to promote better launch conditions. When these elements are combined, the new Ascent shaft helps increase ball flight apex while still offering lower spin performance and accuracy.

While TOUR seeding – the process of getting the product in professionals’ hands — has only just begun, TOUR player feedback during testing has been positive, said Rusty Estes, Aldila Tour Representative.

“We began testing Ascent quietly at last year’s FedExCup Playoffs, and what surprised me more than anything was how many different profiles of players responded well to it. It’s a TOUR-level shaft that is not only stable but seems to complement a wide range of deliveries, and as a fitter that is extremely exciting.” 

This shaft will be available in a wide range of flexes and weights (click here to view the shaft’s specs). The Ascent line also includes the Ascent Ultralight, which features Focused Mass Technology (FMTTM) and a heavier butt-end, as well as FlyDrive Technology, which is an ultralight technology borrowed from fly fishing rods. True to its name, the Ascent Ultralight line weighs between 41 and 48 grams, 20-30 grams lighter than standard shafts on the PGA TOUR. 

Aldila Ascent shafts have been spotted on the PGA TOUR beginning at The American Express and are now available at retail for $300 MSRP.

(Note: Interested in putting Aldila Ascent shafts in your clubs? Click here for more information.)

Source: PGA tour

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