Mizuno ST200 Drivers Review

Mizuno ST200 Drivers Review

Mizuno ST200 Drivers Review – I have never played a Mizuno driver personally, and my perception of the brand was probably one that many of you share too – that…

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Mizuno ST180 Fairway

Mizuno ST180 Fairway Review

Mizuno ST180 Fairway Review – Having slimmed down their fairway range to one model with the previous JPX900, Mizuno are now back to two with the GT180 and the ST180 fairway below. The…

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Mizuno GT180 Fairway

Mizuno GT180 Fairway Review

Mizuno GT180 Fairway Review – The Mizuno GT180 fairway wood is the second model in their 2018 range to complement the ST180 fairway. Actually there are two GT180 models and I…

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Mizuno JPX850 Fairway

Mizuno JPX850 Fairway Review

Mizuno JPX850 Fairway Review – Mizuno has always been pretty good at creating classy looking fairways with generous sized heads and the JPX850 fairway continues this fine tradition. It replaces…

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Mizuno JPX EZ Fairway

Mizuno JPX EZ 2014 Fairway Wood Review

Mizuno JPX EZ 2014 Fairway Wood – That was a quote from Mizuno’s engineer, Chris Voshall. A new oversized, deeper design promises more distance and both my driver and I…

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Mizuno JPX-825 Fairway Wood - Toe

Mizuno JPX825 Fairway Wood Review

Mizuno JPX825 Fairway Wood – The Mizuno JPX825 fairway wood is a great successor to the JPX800. Not only does it look better, but it continues the theme of an…

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Mizuno MP-650 Fairway Wood - Sole View

Mizuno MP-650 Fairway Wood Review

Mizuno MP-650 Fairway Wood – The Mizuno MP-650 fairway wood has the same stylish clean looks as the previous MP Titanium fairway with a few changes. The shape of the…

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Mizuno JPX800 Fairway Wood

Mizuno JPX800 Fairway Wood Review

Mizuno JPX800 Fairway Wood – The Mizuno JPX800 fairway wood replaces the very successful MX-700 version and thankfully it keeps the large oversized head that made the previous model so…

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Mizuno MX-700 Fairway Wood

Mizuno MX-700 Fairway Wood Review

Mizuno MX-700 Fairway Wood – Mizuno say that Tour players have been asking for better performance from their fairway woods as well as their drivers and the MX-700 Fairway wood…

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Mizuno F-60 Fairway Wood

Mizuno F-60 Fairway Wood Review

Mizuno F-60 Fairway Wood – The last fairway woods we had from Mizuno were the F-50s which had a composite steel/graphite head. The new Mizuno F-60 fairway woods are still…

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