Top 10 best golf courses in Alaska

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Top 10 best golf courses in Alaska


With the establishment of Golf Association in Alaska in 1950, golfing activities are becoming more and more popular for the residents. Therefore, we are going to take a look at top 10 best golf courses in Alaska at this time, so that we can understand why this is a favorable place for many golfers.


  1. Anchorage Golf Course


With the total area of 6,600 yards on the lower hillside of South Anchorage, this golf course is well-known for its fresh and magnificent landscape all year round. Anchorage is the creation idea of world-renowned golf course architect Bill Newcomb, therefore, you will be immersed into the fantastic combination of endless manicured greens, a variety of tall trees and blue sky. Moreover, the beauty of Chugach Mountain Range, Cook Inlet, the Anchorage city skyline as well as Mt. McKinley will be added to the attractiveness of this golf course, which will make you remember for a long time. Last but not least, you can take part in a number of useful programs for all levels in order to improve your skills and posture such as Golf School, Get Golf Ready, Junior Programs and the others.


  1. Moose Run Golf Course


Moose Run Course is considered as the longest as well as the most challenging in the heart of Alaska, so that golfers of all ages and all skills are able to test their ability in an interesting and thrilling atmosphere. This course is designed by Robin Nelson in 2000 and we can see that Moose Run Course has remained all of the characters of this land. Besides, a lot of golf players are gradually absorbed into the warm sunshine, rolling fairways together with looking-glass streams along the course. Lastly, you can hold a number of personal and group events at this place including corporate outings, club tournaments and military fundraising programs as well.


  1. Chena Bend Golf Course


Next, I would like to introduce another place among top 10 best golf courses in Alaska, which is called as Chena Bend. Located between the east side of the Fort Wainwright airfield and the Chena River, this golf course is suitable for both professional and amateur players. With beginners, you can enter to this place to have fun with your friends at the weekends. On the other hand, experienced players can compete with each other to enhance their skill and learn more tips after all. Also, you need to know that Chena Bend is controlled by the US Army’s Family, as a result, this place tends to organize many events for the military retirees, soldiers as well as associated civilians.


  1. Settlers Bay Golf Course


Situated in Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Settlers Bay is widely recognized for its breathtaking and historic beauty when compared with the other courses. Moreover, you will get overwhelmed by the natural picture of wooded areas and wetlands, snow capped mountains, a diversity of perfect putting greens together with salmon bearing streams. All of them are the core factors to attract more and more golfers to visit this place. Furthermore, if you are seeking for an ideal destination for outdoor wedding, Settlers Bay is definitely a wise choice. This place will make your day as special and memorable as possible with unique catering options, stunning views, elegant decorations and high-class service.


  1. Palmer Golf Course


When coming to Palmer, you can enjoy the most of golfing without any distractions or interference. This golf course is covered with the scenic beauty of numerous attractions including Pioneer Peak, Knik Glacier, Mat-Su Valley along with the Matanuska River. As a consequence, you can never forget this place and desire to come back again in the future. You are recommended to walk along the course during your game although power carts are always available for you. By this way, you can observe the spectacular views and breath fresh air at the same time.


  1. Birch Ridge Golf Course, Inc.


In top 10 best golf courses in Alaska, Birch Ridge will be a prominent place for many golfers. This place is committed to providing a friendly and exciting environment for family gatherings all year round. Furthermore, you can maximize your satisfaction with numerous accommodation options such as cottage packages, executive suites and lodge accommodations. You will be well-equipped with direct TV, spacious kitchen, Wi-Fi and other services. However, you can still challenge yourself when playing golf here with a diversity of strategically-placed holes. Thus, this is the perfect place for anyone who are interested in relaxing and spirit refining.


  1. Eagleglen Golf Course


Designed by the legendary architect Robert Trent Jones, Eagleglen will undoubtedly be the natural heaven for many golf enthusiasts. You will get amazed at the fascinating views of Eagleglen which consists of many huge trees, manicured greens and well-maintained fairways. All of these elements will easily prevent you from hitting the best shot, therefore, do not let your guard down anytime.


  1. Fox Hollow Golf Course


Many people regard Fox Hollow as their favorite golf course due to its premier service and entertainment activities. You can enjoy the pure tradition of golf at the typical 9-hole course when having a close look at Chugach Mountains. Moreover, field rental is offered for those who are seeking for a place to hold parties and events. A team of professional plan makers is willing to help you anytime with affordable budget.


  1. Bird Homestead Golf Course


When talking about top 10 best golf courses in Alaska, a lot of people will be reminded of Bird Homestead. This place aims to provide a fair but thrilling playground for all kinds of golfers. Besides, you can participate in other activities such as fishing and camping in State area. By engaging in these programs, you can enjoy the peace and release your pressure after nervous working time.


  1. North Star Golf Course


North Star is considered as the natural masterpiece for any golf addicts. You can gradually get familiar with wildlife species and Alaskan hospitability after coming here. Nevertheless, you need to comply with a number of rules in order to keep safe for yourself and show your respect to the other golfers.


This list has shown you a list of top 10 best golf courses in Alaska. In case you have more information about any better places, make sure to share it with us immediately.




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