Top 10 best golf courses in Georgia

Top 10 best golf courses in Georgia
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Georgia has obtained great fame for being a birthplace of many professional golfers. Therefore, we need to seek for top 10 best golf courses in Georgia in order to know more about this royal sport.

Top 10 best golf courses in Georgia
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Top 10 best golf courses in Georgia

  1. Cuscowilla

Located on Lake Oconee, Cuscowilla is a private golf club that can attract your eyes at first sight. Its beauty is the combination of expansive fields of Bluestein grass, towering pines as well as shimmering waters, all of which results in the serene scenery and poetic landsacpe. However, do not let the view prevent you from hitting a perfect shot. Last but not least, despite being a private golf course, Waterside Restaurant of Cuscowilla is always available for public all year round. You can taste the incredible chef specials, enjoy the spectacular view as well as experience the world-class service at one place.

  1. East Lake Golf Course

When seeking for top 10 best golf courses in Georgia, you can never ignore the favorite East Lake. Being constructed in the city of Atlantic, East Lake is considered as the oldest golf course until this moment. As a consequence, it remains the classic layout but still conduct redesigning frequently in order to catch up with other modern gold clubs nowadays. Furthermore, to create a fun, fair and breathtaking playground for both top-performing men and women golfers, East Lake hosts a tournament called East Lake Cup. You can take part in this game to challenge your ability as well as extend your relationship by meeting new people.

  1. Atlanta Country Club

With the purpose of delivering an exceptional golf course as well as grabbing the golfers’ appreciation, Atlanta Country is a toughing but interesting club that you need to visit once in your life. In addition, the beautiful landscape can feast your eyes at the first sight for sure since you cannot neglect either the rolling hills along the historic Civil War sites or the crystal water of the Chattahoochee River.

Besides, all-skills players can test their ability with 5 choices of tee boxes. Apart from participating in golf, you can join some more sports such as tennis, swimming and fitness. Especially, Atlanta Country ‘s fitness center is always updated with new free weight facilities as well as iPod interface in order to provide the best exercising destination for you.

  1. Lookout Mountain Golf Club

With the mixture of hospitability, playability, tradition as well as elegance in one venue, Lookout Mountain can meet your expectations as always. This course was previously called as Fairyland Golf Club but was renamed later. Situated in the heart of Georgia for many years, Lookout Mountain has a stunning and incredible view with the special endless greens.

Moreover, this place is regarded as an ideal destination for any public or personal events in terms of outings, wedding celebration, corporate meetings, conferences, holiday parties and other special events as well. With the fantastic settings and enthusiastic support from the staff, you can keep memorable moments for your whole life.

  1. Hawks Ridge Golf Club

Lying at the cornerstone of the northern Atlanta, Hawks Ridge owns a graceful and sophisticated beauty. As a consequence, you will be reminded of this golf course every time someone asks for top 10 best golf courses in Georgia. This place is in the middle of old style layout and present-day decoration. Hence, it can satisfy both the youngsters and the elders when they visit this place. Also, if you want to stay at Hawks Ridge for some relaxing days, make sure to make reservations at their guest cottages so as to enjoy the spacy rooms and latest facilities.

  1. The Farm Golf Club

In spite of the typical layout of 18-hole course, you can experience the thrilling but exciting games in The Farm. From the first hole, you can play golf along the fairway wood and narrow green. Besides, the second hole is the design of a generous landing area. As a result, there are different views with strategic architecture for the whole course in order to provide an extraordinary feeling for golfers.

  1. Currahee Club

Coming to Currahee Club, you cannot only experience the golf challenge in a fun way but also feel satisfied with the magnificent landscape. You will be amazed when walking along the course located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and overlook the shores of Lake Hartwell. Due to these factors, golf can become a perfect starting point for your relaxing day.  Also, Currahee Club offers Discovery Tour in order to help you to become its member in one day. After applying to this program, you can enjoy all of the available amenities including clubhouse, championship golf courses as well as homes for sale.

  1. Cobblestone Golf Course

Now, I would like to introduce one more place in top 10 best golf courses in Georgia, which is called as Cobblestone. This place has earned its reputation for being a top-choice for Metro-Atlanta golfers in a long period of time. Lying on the bank of Lake Acworth in Acworth of North Atlanta, Cobblestone is built with lakes and white sands dunes. This splendid view will definitely create a barrier for you whenever desiring to perform a good shot.

  1. Harbor Club

With the same location on Lake Oconee as many other clubs, Harbor will absolutely bring you unique features with beautiful shorelines as well as wooded hills. This is considered as an ideal place for your beloved family since you can let them enjoy living in a high-class resort and other premium amenities. Furthermore, in case you want to customize your new homes at Harbor, there is a team of skilled designers to support you anytime from even the small details.

  1. Rivermont Golf Club

Rivermont is another relaxed golf course for family gatherings. By coming to this place, you can refine your spirit and socialize with your friends while playing golf. After going through many times of redesigning, Rivermont is on the way to improve and have excellent layout for golfers.

best golf courses in Georgia
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The above list of top 10 best golf courses in Georgia will undoubtedly make you feel satisfied and comfortable when visiting. Moreover, I am sure that you will desire to come there again and again in the future.

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