Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Indiana

Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Indiana
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In Indiana, there are more than 200 golf clubs controlled by the governing bodies for a long time. This will help to keep and reinforce the interest of male and female golfers. Thus, we are going to seek for top 10 best golf courses in Indiana to know clearly about this royal sport.

Top 10 best golf courses in indiana
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Top 10 best golf courses in Indiana

  1. Victoria National Golf Club

With the total area of 418 acres, Victoria National is truly a masterpiece in the heart of Indiana. Moreover, you cannot ignore the natural but fantastic landscape of this golf course, which contains native vegetation as well as spring-fed lakes all year round. After visiting there, you have to admire the talented hands of designer Tom Fazio since he is the one who turns Victoria National into an ideal place and gives the players the purest feeling of golf. Furthermore, there are a variety of well-qualified packages offered for both individuals and groups. You can enjoy the warm atmosphere in the luxurious cottages as well as experience corporate outings in groups of 20 people or more.

  1. Wolf Run Golf Club

Next, I would like to talk about one of the places ranked among top 10 best golf courses in Indiana, which is called Wolf Run. This golf club aims to provide the world-class services to all of the golfers, which gives them the opportunity to challenge themselves and enjoy the game as well. As a result, Wolf Run is absolutely one of the best modern golf clubs in the Midwest in many people’s minds. Last but not least, you can arrange to hold many outings and tournaments for your friends and family. Therefore, Wolf Run is an ideal destination that will not make you disappointing after all.

  1. Crooked Stick Golf Club

As a typical 18-hole design in Carmel, Crooked Stick is considered as the haven for golfers who are interested in the peaceful and quiet atmosphere instead of crowds and noise. Also, you can experience the challenging layout which used to host a number of championships for many years such as the US Amateur Championships, the US PGA as well as the US Senior Open Championship. All of these elements will increase your keenness in order to come to this course once in the future.

  1. French Lick Resort

You will get so surprised to know that French Lick is the combination architecture of 3 prolific designers including Donald Ross, Pete Dye and Tom Bendelow. That’s why there are 3 different courses named as the Pete Dye course, the Donald Ross course as well as the Valley Links course. By coming to each course, we can realize how each designer distinguishes his style with the others. As a result, you should come play a game and refine your spirit after nervous time by watching rolling hills and endless greens in the southern Indiana.

  1. Sycamore Hills Golf Club

The next destination we should mention in the list of top 10 best golf courses in Indiana will be Sycamore Hills. Sycamore has earned its reputation for being one of the finest golf clubs all over the United States until now. This place is constructed with gorgeous trees, crystal lakes and fantastic panoramic view. In addition, you can organize some events at this site such as year-end party, business meetings, family celebrations and banquets since Sycamore Hills has a lot of venues with various capacity.

  1. Brickyard Crossing Golf Club

When mentioning Brickyard Crossing, we will remember it as the signature design of Pete Dye. Therefore, you can definitely experience a fun and fair but still breathtaking game. Besides, this place used to have a chance to host the PGA Champions Tour Comfort Classic in 7 consecutive years, which proves that this golf course offers the world-class service. In case you are in need of purchasing golf apparels, make sure to visit its Pro shop to seek for your favorite items from various popular brands.

  1. Prairie View Golf Club

With the purpose of delivering superb service and having a team of exceptional staff, Prairie View has succeeded in providing the guests a wonderful environment when playing golf. Furthermore, this place opens an academy which is used to provide detailed instructions for people of all ages and all levels. Professional teachers will help you improve skills, enhance the posture as well as share some useful tips that you cannot learn from elsewhere.

  1. Fort Golf Resort

Situated in Indianapolis of Indiana, Fort is very well-known for being one of the most affordable new courses in the country. You can feel exciting and thrilling when hitting the ball into each hole and do not let the landscape prevent you from having the perfect shot. Moreover, you can find many suitable accommodations with unique and nice features to stay here for a few days.

  1. South Bend Country Club

We cannot ignore South Bend Country in the list of top 10 best golf courses in Indiana. This course seems to be one of the quickest you have ever played before, but it you can still maximize your enjoyment after all. South Bend Country is built in 1916 with the mixture of strategic bunkers, manicured grass greens and clear lakes. Many golfers are keen on walking along the course on their feet instead of using carts or caddies. By this way, toy can imagine how relaxing that golfers can feel when coming to South Bend Country.

  1. Rock Hollow

The final destination we will search for will be Rock Hollow. From its name, you can know that this course is the combination of solid rocks, old forests, changes in elevation together with beautiful wetlands, all of which creates a dramatic scenery for anyone at the first sight. Only by coming to Rock Hollow, can you take part in a fierce golf challenge and feast your eyes with magnificent landscape from nature.

golf courses in indiana
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In summary, visiting any places in top 10 best golf courses in Indiana will be able to satisfy your needs. As a consequence, make sure to share your feelings with us after playing golf and stay at one of these courses.

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