Top 10 best golf courses in Louisiana

Top 10 best golf courses in Louisiana
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Louisiana seems to become one of the favorite destinations for many golfers since there are more and more qualified golf clubs in this area. Hence, I will make a list of top 10 best golf courses in Louisiana for anyone who cares for this sport.

Top 10 best golf courses in Louisiana
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Top 10 best golf courses in Louisiana

  1. Wetlands Golf Course

In Lafayette, Wetlands is considered as one of the best golf courses for many players. With a panoramic view of rolling terrain and open fairways along the course, this place will help you to focus on your game without thinking about anything else such as workload, pressure, deadlines or money. Moreover, the layout with TifDwarf smooth rolling greens is the unique factor of Wetlands that can bring many challenges for any golfers. Furthermore, when coming to this course, you can make full use of high-class facilities and create pleasure after all. Finally, make sure to visit the Pro Shop to have a look at the latest golf gears that many golfers are willing to possess.

  1. Carter Plantation

The second place that you should arrive in top 10 best golf courses in Louisiana will be Carter Plantation. This site is widely recognized as the signature golf course of David Toms in the South of Louisiana. The whole Carter Plantation is covered with a natural masterpiece including towering pines, preserved woods, hundreds of moss-laden live oaks and cypress trees in the same picture frame. Moreover, you cannot ignore the beauty of manicured fairways as well as endless greens along the course. All of these elements have combined together to create a legendary visual art for golfing.

Lastly, in case you feel hungry after playing golf, you can come to the dining room so as to taste the superlative food and cozy atmosphere.

  1. Audubon Park Golf Course

Being a part of Audubon Nature Institute, this golf course has earned its reputation for having magnificent scenery that is able to grab anyone’s attention at the first sight. No one can forget the structure of 4 lagoons, Tif-Eagle and immaculate greens when visiting Audubon Park. In addition, this golf course offers a wide range of tournaments, golf outings and other events all year round. You can also require for customized packages for charity events, fundraising programs as well as corporate finalization meetings in order to maximize your needs.

  1. Copper Mill Golf Club

For many people, Copper Mill is regarded as the one of the best golf courses in the heart of Louisiana due to many reasons. Based on the Scottish design, this club is the mixture of tradition and contemporary feeling. No matter you are a register member or a guest, you are always welcomed to come play a game and receive the professional service during your visit. Furthermore, there is a Clubhouse that is available for food and drinks at all times. Moreover, you can hold some events and banquets for your colleagues in a spacious venue. By this way, you can totally satisfy and enjoy the best.

  1. Links on the Bayou

At this moment, I would like to introduce the 5th place in top 10 best golf courses in Louisiana, which is called as Links on the Bayou. Located in Alexandria, Louisiana, this golf course is a typical 18-hole layout with breathtaking and refreshing view. You will get amazed at the endless greens and unparalleled structure when setting your feet here. However, you are required to comply with some rules related to dress code and other matters when coming here. For instance, collared shirts are compulsory and you cannot bring any personal coolers. Nevertheless, all of these regulations will help to create memorable moments for you after all.

  1. Koasati Pines At Coushatta

Being constructed in the natural wetlands in the Southwest of Louisiana, Koasati Pines is surrounded by the fantastic heritage from Mother Nature. You cannot ignore the beauty of live oaks, looking-glass lakes together with stately pines. In addition, there are a wide range of packages that can save your money when playing golf at this course such as Play and Stay, Seven Clans Golf and Coushatta Inn Golf. In spite of great discounts, you can receive the best treatment with high-class accommodation and other benefits.

  1. Gray Plantation Golf Course

Over many years, Gray Plantation has been highly praised for being one of the top golf courses throughout the United States. By having a nice but strategic layout, this golf course will be able to provide a toughing game for players of all ages and all skills. However, you can also sooth all of your pressure and worries with scenic beauty. In case you are in need of training programs to better your skill with useful tips and methods, do not hesitate to take part in the private lessons at Great Plantation.

  1. Abita Springs Golf Club

When mentioning top 10 best golf courses in Louisiana, Abita Springs cannot be missed out in the list. You need to spend time on exploring this golf course in order to enjoy the best things that it offers. You will be able to observe the special Bermuda grass, fresh air and clean atmosphere as always. In addition, there are a number of tournaments and events for men, women and juniors separately. By this way, the competitors can have a fair and fierce game to challenge themselves.

best golf courses in Louisiana
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  1. Hammond Golf Center

Being named after its location, Hammond will easily catch your eyes and remain inside your head for a long time owing to wonderful scenery, excellent services and superb facilities. This golf course provides a playable and fair but breathtaking game for both professional and amateur golfers. This is a great experience for beginners, but many skillful players can also test their ability with this 18-hole design. For anyone who is fond of purchasing balls, hats, gears and other apparels, the Pro Shop opens daily with some of the famous brands in the world.

  1. Covington Country Club

After a long period of establishment, Covington Country has its own position deeply inside many people’s hearts. Situated on the east bank of the Tchefuncte River, this place is regarded as the first 9-hole golf course all over the United States. Moreover, Covington Country has succeeded in organizing a number of events such as class reunions, wedding celebrations and birthday parties.

I hope that the information about top 10 best golf courses in Louisiana will make you satisfied since I cannot wait to come to one of these places and enjoy the best moments.

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