Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Maine

Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Maine
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Demand for playing golf in Maine is increasing dramatically day by day. However, knowing excellent golf courses will help you remain happy hours after nervous working time. Therefore, all of the following information will identify top 10 best golf courses in Maine, so that you clearly know the suitable one for yourself and your relatives.

Top 10 golf courses in Maine

 Top 10 best golf courses in Maine

  1. Falmouth Country Club

Falmouth Country Club is recognized widely for its toughing 27-hole course, which will give players a breathtaking and challenging feeling after all. Moreover, you will be hugely impressed by the beautiful scenery from flat terrain and immaculate greens. Also, Falmouth Country is highly praised for its commitment to protecting the environment. Besides, this course can provide you a variety of food and beverages, annual tournaments as well as customized events for personal request.

  1. The Ledges Golf Club

The Ledges Golf Club is undeniably ranked among top 10 best golf courses in Maine. You can see a completely unique and poetic picture when coming to this golf course. Moreover, The Ledges is the excellent combination of continuity and playability for all-skill players. Furthermore, packages of outing as well as tournaments are offered all year round with professional services and friendly employees. Finally, you can receive special updates via emails when submitting to their email club right now.

  1. Kebo Valley Golf Club

Located in Bar Harbor of Maine, Kebo Valley is one of the oldest courses all over the United States. With the richness in tradition and unforgettable attraction over many years, you can experience the same holes with the most popular golfers as well as influential leaders throughout the world. Moreover, a number of items are on display daily at Pro shop for those who are in need of shopping. Last but not least, a wide range of events including weddings, banquets and meetings are provided with best service everyday.

  1. Belgrade Lakes Golf Club

As the number 1 course in Maine rewarded by Golf Digest, Belgrade Lakes is regarded as the desirable golf club that you should visit once in your life. Situated in the central of Maine, Belgrade Lakes consists of rustic woodlands and panoramic hills, which lead to the surprisingly idyllic beauty that no one can ignore. Also, this club always welcomes the appearance of the four-legged animals such as dogs and cat, therefore, more and more players feel comfortable and relaxing when coming here.

  1. Portland Country Club

Now, I would like to introduce you another place in top 10 best golf courses in Maine that attract a number of players every year. Portland Country is committed to delivering the outstanding and luxurious golfing experience for players of all ages and all skills. With the oceanside setting and the supply of well-qualified facilities, this course will help you keep lasting memories. Apart from golfing, you can also take part in other sports such as tennis and swimming, which prevents you from being tired of playing the same sport the whole day. You can also organize some fundraising events with a variety of style settings.

  1. Sunday River Golf Club

With great design which can overlook the Sunday River Valley and Mahoosuc Range, Sunday River brings a colorful and picturesque image to all of the players. Moreover, you will become familiar with the elevation changes as well as natural landscape when setting your feet at this place for the first time. Moreover, there are a wide range of activities for summer and winter packages, so that you can feel free to maximize your relaxation without worrying about anything. In summer, you can participate in ziplines, biking, mountain park and lift rides. Whereas, mountain, skiing and snowmaking will be offered during winter.

  1. Samoset Resort Golf Club

Situated along the coastline of Rockport in Maine, Samoset Resort has successfully created the inspiration for all kinds of players at the first time coming here. However, this golf course will not be opened for guest or non-members during some occasions of private events or tournaments. You can request for customized proposals or wedding celebrations with the support of make up service as well as spa packages in order to help you keep long lasting memory in your important day.

best golf courses in Maine
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  1. Sable Oaks Golf Club

The next place existing in top 10 best golf courses in Maine will be Sable Oaks. Lying in the South Portland of Maine, Sable Oaks has earned its reputation based on the soft fairways and manicured greens, which can lead you to an imaginative world of golfing. Moreover, you can visit the Maine Mall as well as Portland International Jetports, which only take you a couples of minutes from this course. In addition, there are a diversity of catering options for you to choose including traditional continental, boxed lunches, barbecue buffet, eat and run buffet, Maine lobster bake buffet as well as Maine meat and potatoes buffet.

  1. Martindale Country Club

Being called as the best green in Maine, Martindale Country gives you a refreshing and fantastic feeling when first coming to this course. Additionally, perfect playing conditions as well as a well-trained team of employees will maximize your satisfaction. Furthermore, every time when tournaments take place, we will be provided with full packages of facilities in terms of carts, range balls, food and beverages. Finally, you can ease your pressure by watching wonderful view of Mount Washington and the Little Androscoggin River.

  1. Waterville Country Club

When mentioning Waterville Country, you can relate to a golf course located in the hills of Oakland, which is in the heart of Maine. Therefore, this place is undoubtedly an amazing destination for golfers. Besides, Waterville Country can please even the difficult customers since it gives us additional amenities such as tennis and shooting.

With the above list of top 10 best golf courses in Maine, you can choose any places to come since they will give you unforgettable moments for the whole life. Furthermore, do not forget tell us your own ideal place with your real-life experience.

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