Top 10 best golf courses in Maryland

Top 10 best golf courses in Maryland
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Maryland is a promising land for golfing due to its climate extremes and topographical variety. Therefore, we are going to identify top 10 best golf courses in Maryland in order to have more understanding about this field.

Top 10 best golf courses in Maryland
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Top 10 best golf courses in Maryland

  1. Baltimore Country Club

The first one in the list will be Baltimore Country which was originally designed by A. W. Tillinghast. This club is considered as a whole greenish course with a number of bunkers but limited water hazards. Until 1990, a world-renowned architect Bob Cupp redesigned this place and it has become one of the most prestigious golf courses all over the United States. From its foundation time until now, Baltimore Country held a variety of popular championships such as Men’s U.S. Open, Men’s U.S. Amateur, U.S. Women’s Open and the United States Open as well.

  1. Congressional Country Club

At this time, I would like to introduce another place ranked among top 10 best golf courses in Maryland, which is called as Congressional Country. From hearing the name for the first time, you can imagine a very royal and stunning style club. Congressional Country has a long history of establishment since this place was originally regarded as a gathering venue between Members of Congress and businessmen. And nowadays, it turns out to be a multifunctional club which contains a diversity of recreational activities such as golf, tennis, swimming, bowling together with dining.

  1. Caves Valley Golf Club

Many people can never forget the moment when they first enter the front gate of Caves Valley. It is such an amazing treasure from Mother Nature, so that this club can definitely become the best home away from your own home. Furthermore, Caves Valley has put great efforts to preserve the basic tradition of golf for all players. Besides, in case you are in need of dining service after playing a few rounds, you can visit the high-class restaurant to taste the excellent dishes with beautifully presented decoration.

  1. Bulle Rock

Bulle Rock has earned its reputation for being the creation of Pete Dye, one of the legends in the world of golf architecture. As a result, this place used to honorably host McDonald’s LPGA Championship for many times until now. All of these factors help Bulle Rock to maintain its position for a long time. Also, for anyone who is seeking for luxurious accommodations for relaxation, Bulle Rock offers a wide range of well-qualified places for you including villas, family homes and condominiums which will maximize your satisfaction after all.

  1. Columbia Country Club

When coming to Maryland, you cannot ignore Columbia Country that will absolutely deserve to have a spot in top 10 best golf courses in Maryland. With unparalleled structure and elegant layout, this golf club is very suitable for any golfers who are keen on the peaceful atmosphere and willing to challenge themselves. Due to the limit of membership, Columbia Country’s guests are required to comply with some of the policies related to dress code, tees and tournaments participation. Apart from golfing, you can engage in other activities with your friends such as racquets sports and swimming.

  1. Chevy Chase Country Club

Chevy Chase is designed according to a classic and Tudor-style layout; therefore, you can reminisce about the history and even your childhood. After coming back from this club, you will keep unforgettable memories inside of your heart and desire to return again in the future. Also, Chevy Chase will provide professional service if you need to organize any events. A number of spacious and glamorous destinations are always available for you to hold small gatherings and also large meetings with a capacity of 500 guests.

  1. Four Streams

Situated in the middle of the Agricultural Reserve area of Montgomery County, Four Streams is well-known for being a sanctuary where you can enjoy the best thing of golf. Furthermore, golfers of all ages, genders, religions, races and levels of ability are always welcomed with warm atmosphere. Therefore, even the amateur players can have the best moments and feel free to pursue their golf passion here. You will never regret playing golf at the magnificent place which devotes to delivering the playable, fair and challenging game for all golfers.

  1. Burning Tree Country Club

When talking about top 10 best golf courses in Maryland, you cannot ignore Burning Tree Country. This club was established in 1962, which is committed to creating a family oriented environment. Moreover, there are a number of professional tournaments taking place in this course such as Met PGA events and the US Open Qualifiers. Besides, with kids who are showing some interest for golf, Burning Tree are opening a variety of training programs as well as a summer camp for them. By joining these programs, they can communicate with more friends and become more energetic.

  1. Lighthouse Sound

Lighthouse Sound is regarded as a splendid golf course that takes over all of the valuable heritage from Mother Nature. As a result, the dedicated staffs are making attempts to maintain this club annually in order to show off the whole beauty to more golfers in the long run. Last but not least, there are a diversity of gift cards available on the website of Lighthouse Sound that allows golf enthusiasts to enjoy the best time without wasting much money.

  1. Whiskey Creek Golf Club

Whiskey Creek has succeeded in balancing the toughing challenge and relaxing playground for any kind of golfers. This special feature is obtained due to the fantastic collaboration of two amazing architects J. Michael Poellot and Ernie Els. They are excellent at making full use of natural treasure of this land including free-flowing creeks, stonewalls, broad meadows and dense pine forests. Experiencing golf at Whiskey Creek will bring you long-lasting memory for your whole life.

best golf courses in Maryland
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This list about top 10 best golf courses in Maryland will certainly provide you more useful information on how to choose the suitable destination. If you have a chance to come to one of these sites in the future, please make sure to share with us immediately.

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