Top 10 best golf courses in Oregon

Top 10 best golf courses in Oregon
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Many people choose Oregon as an ideal destination for golf, especially the Bandon Dunes, since they can find a number of world-class golf courses in this area. As a consequence, I am going to show you a list of top 10 best golf courses in Oregon, so that you can imagine why golfers highly appreciate this land.

Top 10 best golf courses in Oregon
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Top 10 best golf courses in Oregon

  1. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Located in the rugged and wing-swept area of Bandon in Oregon, Bandon Dunes have enough power and attractiveness to catch anyone’s attention at the first time. You will be immersed into every massive dune, every water hazard as well as every hearty pine, all of which will absolutely make you want to wander along this natural masterpiece. Moreover, you can experience the professional services with a number of world-class courses here such as Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails together with Old MacDonald. Last but not least, this place consists of a team of well-trained caddies in order to support you during your whole game.

  1. Pronghorn Club

Now, I would like to talk about the second destination in top 10 best golf courses in Oregon that you should come by. You will not be disappointed when having a look at its natural beauty with the combination of ancient lavas, juniper trees as well as steep canyon in the same picture frame. Furthermore, you will be more surprised at the splendid view of Cascade Mountain. These elements will absolutely encourage you to visit this club and enjoy the most of your life. Lastly, you can release your hunger by coming to a series of Pronghorn Restaurants in order to taste the menu which are inspired from the local farmers.

  1. Eugene Country Club

Situated in the heart of Oregon, Eugene Country is regarded as one of the oldest golf courses in this area. This club is covered with spacious manicured greens, white bunkers and waterways, which will give challenges for both professional and amateur golfers. However, you need to comply with a number of rules related to dress code when walking along the course and driving range. For instance, you are required to wear shirt with collar and sleeves. Other clothes such as denim or tank top is not allowed here.

  1. Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club

When talking about Pumpkin Ridge, you will be reminded of a club which contains 2 first-class courses for golfers of all ages and all skills. With Ghost Creek, you can enjoy the stunning landscape with picturesque wetlands and dense forests. However, the private Witch Hollow will give you a peaceful and refreshing feeling for anyone who used to set their feet here. Besides, if you are interested in improving your own ability, do not hesitate to enroll for a golf lesson at Pumpkin Ridge. By this way, you will be able to be taught by Christopher Smith and Jerry Mowlds, who are ranked among the top PGA professionals.

  1. Crosswater Club

Being constructed in the center of Oregon, Crosswater is designed by Bob Cupp as a typical 18-hole course in form of unparalleled layout. Therefore, this course has a traditional and classic style with the surroundings of bent grass fairways and Little Deschutes River. Also, Crosswater used to honorably host a variety of championships such as PGA Professional National Championship. Finally, when registering for membership, you can receive many benefits in terms of discount dining, retail shops, dry cleaning, shuttle service, recreation, lodging accommodation, spring spa and the others.

  1. Portland Golf Club

You cannot ignore the fantastic Portland in the Pacific Northwest when making a list of top 10 best golf courses in Oregon. This golf course has great commitment to delivering the prestigious and enjoyable game to all-skill players. Also, you cannot forget the mixture of oasis beauty, Herculean fir trees as well as manicured gardens at the same place. Moreover, Portland takes pride in previously holding the 2015 US Women Amateur Championship, which will remain as a remarkable point of its history for a long time.

  1. Tetherow Golf Club

With the design idea of talented architect David McLay Kidd, Tetherow has gained its reputation for being a distinctive golf course in the land of Oregon. You need to notice the opening time for golf when intending to come here as it only provides golf service from April to November. However, you can take part in some customized group golf outings with your family, corporation or any clubs. Every month, you can grab a chance to receive a free round of golf from Tetherow by filling out the registration form. By doing this, Tetherow can remain the customers’ loyalty in the long run.

  1. Waverley Country Club

Among top 10 best golf courses in Oregon, Waverley Country is definitely a popular name in many golfers’ minds. Originally established in 1896, this golf course has become the playground for many golf addicts. Waverly is always serious with their customer service and also take the responsibility for any mistakes immediately. As a result, playing golf in this destination will not only bring you beautiful moment about a historic and amazing view but also help you to refine your spirit effectively.

  1. Broken Top Club

Coming to Broken Top Club, you can experience the countryside style and some other traditional elements including green complexes as well as looking-glass lakes. This club is well-known for being the idea of Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish, so that many people are willing to visit this place and become absorbed into their design. Furthermore, so as to gain more passion for junior golfers from 5 to 17 years old, Broken Top tries to create a fun and athletic playground for them. Moreover, a diversity of instructions and guidance are provided to help the kids enhance their skill and become keener on golf.

  1. The Running Y Ranch

The final venue in this list will be The Running Y Ranch designed by the famous Arnold Palmer. Located in the Southern part of Oregon, this club is the pride of local people due to its awe-inspiring beauty and spectacular landscape. In addition, you can join in the mini unique golf course covered by sneaky breaks and sand traps, which is quite suitable for kids and beginner players.

best golf courses in Oregon
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After going through this list of top 10 best golf courses in Oregon, I cannot make decision on which places to visit first. Therefore, please send us the best place in your mind now.

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