Top 10 best golf courses in Tennessee

Top 10 best golf courses in Tennessee
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With the rapid development of many golf courses these days, Tennessee has created the inspiration for local people to actively participate in this kind of sport. Therefore, I will conduct a list of top 10 best golf courses in Tennessee to introduce you the best place.

Top 10 best golf courses in Tennessee
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Top 10 best golf courses in Tennessee

  1. The Honors Course

First of all, we are going to have a tour around The Honors. This place is widely known as the hidden gem in the world of non-professional golf all over the United States. With the purpose of delivering the world-class course for amateur players to practice and enhance their skills, The Honors has honorably held a number of amateur championships over many years including US Men’s Amateur Championship, The Devonshire Cu as well as The Canon Cup. Coming to this course, you can also witness the native grass greens and Zoysia grass fairways, which is quite effective for preventing the players from hitting the perfect shot.

  1. Holston Hills Country Club

Next, we are going to explore the second place in top 10 best golf courses in Tennessee. Holston Hills Country is considered as the signature design of Donald Ross in the east of Knoxville, therefore, you can experience the best game here. Walking along the course, you can observe a diversity of natural beauties including sloppy terrain with tall trees, crystal lakes, greenside bunkers as well as the groves of shrubbery. Apart from golf, there are a number of additional amenities such as aquatics, tennis and fitness that you can enter for during your stay.

  1. Spring Creek Ranch Golf Club

Spring Creek is regarded as one of the signature design of Jack Nicklaus, a legendary architect with golf structure. This club makes significant efforts to protect the wildlife habitats and surrounding ecosystem. As a consequence, all of the natural heritages in the land of Tennessee will be well-preserved to have an original and traditional look after all. That is why more and more golfers can maximize their satisfaction when playing golf in Spring Creek Ranch. Moreover, you can always seek for staff assistance regardless of your current location and requirements.

  1. Golf Club of Tennessee

When mentioning Golf Club of Tennessee, you will be reminded of excellent service and well-qualified facilities. This course devotes to delivering the memorable time for golfers of all ages and all skills since you will not be annoyed by any distractions or delays. In addition, you can visit the practice area with a front and back driving range, so that you can have advanced skill to enter for the real game.

  1. Chattanooga Golf and Country Club

To be honest, you cannot ignore the private club named as Chattanooga Golf and Country as this is the product of world renowned Donald Ross. After getting maintained in 2005, this golf course becomes more magnificent in the eyes of many players. With these factors, you can understand why this site is frequently chosen as the tournament hosting destination. Last but not least, you can count a number of golf legends who used to visit Chattanooga Golf and Country because they are interested in the premiere and elite standards here.

  1. Hermitage Golf Course

Among top 10 best golf courses in Tennessee, Hermitage will be one of the most stunning places for both professional and amateur players. Many people have a deep affection for natural Tennessee wetlands together with beautiful Cumberland River. Hence, sometimes they will forget everything in life and become one with the breathtaking scenery. Lastly, with the preparation of rose garden, stone waterfall and white light at the same venue, you can celebrate your most important moment in life with your spouse in form of a Nashville outdoor wedding.

  1. TPC Southwind

TPC Southwind is designed to become a real sculpture in the heart of Tennessee with many distinct features when compared with other courses. You can meet an image of dairy farm with the combination of a windmill and 2 grain silos while walking along the course. Moreover, owing to its great devotion to environmental protection, TPC Southwind seems to be the one and only golf club in this state which is honored as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System by Audubon International.

  1. Sweetens Cove Golf Club

The following name in top 10 best golf courses in Tennessee will be Sweetens Cove. Located in the Southeastern part of the United States, this course is regarded as one of the best inland links layouts in this area. Therefore, it is not a strange thing when golfers leave Sweetens Cove with a smile on their faces. With this achievement, Sweetens Cove can remain its position and keep customer loyalty for more years.

  1. Tennessee National

Situated in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee National will provide the unforgettable experience for golf enthusiasts in order to release the pressure and recover the mindset. Furthermore, you are encouraged to taking part in many healthy activities such as natural hiking, trail biking, aquatic sports on Watt Bar Lake, yoga and wellness center. After this, you can improve your health and enjoy a relaxing day with your beloved people.

  1. Gaylord Springs Golf Links

The last but fantastic one in the list will be Gaylord Springs. Being constructed in Nashville of Tennessee, you can go to this golf course in 10 minutes from the International Airport. Moreover, you can overlook the splendid Cumberland River while maximizing your golf interest. Besides, Gaylord Springs has a team of wedding planners to handle all of the matters for you in order to make your day perfect.

best golf courses in Tennessee

The above list of top 10 best golf courses in Tennessee is a short summary of the ideal places you need to come once in your life. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask us and also share your valuable feelings.

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