Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Wisconsin

Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Wisconsin
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People are gradually keen on playing golf, one of the most royal sports in the world. However, many people do not know any good place to practice and improve their skill. Hence, my list of top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin will surely provide you with useful information.

Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Wisconsin

Top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin

  1. Whistling Straits

Whistling Straits is considered as an incredible sculpture along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. When first entering to this course, you will be greatly impressed by fescue fairways, streams, massive sand dunes as well as green grasslands. Moreover, Whistling Straits offers two specific courses including The Straits and The Irish, which deliver the delighted but challenging games for golf players of all ages and all skills. Furthermore, you can maximize your benefits by taking part in additional amenities in terms of spa, food and beverages, shopping, wedding celebrations, meetings as well as other activities.

  1. Erin Hills

Now, I would like to talk about one of the amazing places listed in top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin. Located in the south center of Wisconsin, Erin Hills has a unique appearance when compared to the others. You can see that this place is covered by glacial till of sand and small rocks, which gives more strength for the ground. As a result, playing golf at the course like Erin Hills will create unforgettable moments for you in a long time. Furthermore, you can work up your appetite by coming to Irish Pub and Terrace as well as The Clubhouse. Also, Erin Hills can be used as a place to finalize your corporate meetings since it provides personalized services for your needs.

  1. Blackwolf Run

Blackwolf Run is regarded as a gem for all golf players as you can never ignore the natural beauty when visiting this place. It consists of two popular courses called The River and The Meadow Valley, which are suitable for both professional as well as amateur players to compete in a breathtaking but fair play. For accommodation, you can stay in a variety of rooms with different style from Canada, India and even Native America. Also, with those who are interested in purchasing golf apparels for your course, you can find a number of useful items to increase your confidence. After all, Blackwolf Run also offers a diversity of good food at their restaurant including salmon, steaks and sausage chowder as well.

  1. SentryWorld Golf Course

Going through a rebuilt process in 2015, SentryWorld has earned its reputation for its natural beauty with the combination of white sand, blue water and green fairways. All of these factors seem to attract the golfers and travelers to return to this courses again and again in the future. However, you need to follow its policies related to dressing for both men and women, carry-on food and beverages, rain check, reservations as well as minimum age. Besides, many golf instructional programs will be conducted by professional players for individuals and small groups with affordable price.

  1. The Bull

The following place will be undoubtedly listed in top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin since it is able to grab the attention of many golfers at the first sight. Being called as the only signature architecture of Jack Nicklaus in Wisconsin, The Bull is well-known for its picturesque and classic beauty. Also, some events for couples are always available, so that you can enhance your feelings with your lover. In addition, a variety of delicious food are ready for your birthday party, graduation ceremony and picnics as well.

  1. University Ridge Golf Course

When visiting University Ridge, you can achieve your relaxing goal by observing the natural settings of City of Madison. Moreover, this golf course obtains great commitment to wildlife and their habitat protection. By maintaining this attitude, University Bridge succeeds in not only providing a fresh atmosphere but also delivering positive ideas for the golfers. This place also holds many competitive golf events for men, women, junior and professional players all year round.

  1. Troy Burne Golf Course

Troy Burne is famous for its typical rural design located in Western of Wisconsin. Therefore, you need to be cautious when preparing to hit a perfect shot as you may be fooled by the incredible image in front of your eyes. Moreover, you can assure that Troy Burne is the representative of topography in Wisconsin. Besides, you can book this place as a wedding venue on one of your most important days in life. You will be amazed by its panoramic views, professional wedding photos, outstanding settings as well as other unimaginative benefits.

  1. Pine Hills Country Club

To be honest, Pine Hills deserves to stand in top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin for many reasons. Firstly, manicured greens and endless rolling hills have made this course become more and more fascinating. The whole course is covered by green, which creates a refreshing and cleaning feeling for all of the golfers. Also, you can enter for other sports apart from golf such as pickle ball, tennis and swimming. Finally, you can satisfy your kids when feeding their favorite food including chips, chicken and cheese.

  1. Lake Geneva Golf

You will never forget the memory when first setting your footstep on this golf course. It is regarded as a natural sculpture with the perfectly manicured green layout. You can visit two popular courses named The Brute and The Highland since you can challenge yourselves and then win interesting prizes. Moreover, Lake Geneva usually organize some meaningful events for the disadvantaged such as breast cancer patients. By engaging in this event, you can find the happiness deeply from your heart.

  1. The Bog Golf Course

Founded in 1995, the Bog is famous for its 18-hole layout during many years. You can have a test for yourself after practicing for a while. Also, if your skill is quite bad, do not hesitate to join private lessons so that you can reinforce your ability quickly. Moreover, with the capacity of 140 guests, you can hold any meetings and banquets since The Bog is very professional with service.

Best Golf Courses in Wisconsin

All of the above information is a useful list for anyone being fond of playing golf. Therefore, knowing top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin will help you filter and finally choose the best destination for your travel in the future.

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