Top 10 golf courses in Alabama

Top 10 golf courses in Alabama
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Golf has become one of the most popular leisure activities for all kinds of people. Therefore, knowing the good place will help you remain memorable moments for the whole life. Thus, I will tell you top 10 golf courses in Alabama, and then you can have your own choice.

Top 10 golf courses in Alabama

Top 10 golf courses in Alabama

  1. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Ross Bridge

Located along the rolling terrain of Shannon Valley in Hoover, Alabama, Ross Bridge is owning one of the longest courses all over the world. Moreover, this place offers the players many tees in order to satisfy golf players of all ages and all levels. When mentioning Ross Bridge, people are often reminded of an old parkland architecture. You can feast your own eyes by walking along the whole course and watching beautiful landscape with two significant lakes, abundant greens as well as a spectacular waterfall. Moreover, you can comfortably play golf with the provision of many different packages during spring, summer, fall and winter. Last but not least, the system of 8 stunning resorts will give you the best experience afterwards.

  1. Azalea City Golf Course

Being built in Mobile’s Langan Park, Azalea City Golf Course has lasted for over 50 years until now. Furthermore, this places used to host a number of well-known golf tournaments before. With the purpose of becoming an ideal place of playability as well as challenge, Azalea City is designed to suit both of the professional and amateur players. Also, this place is extremely popular with local golfers since they find it fascinating and amazing. For anyone with golf apparel needs, you can visit the golf shop to purchase your favorite items. There are many gift cards, special orders and professional advice available anytime. Finally, if you want to improve your skill, Azalea City has opened many golf lessons from beginning to advanced level.

  1. Farmlinks Golf Club

Now, I would like to introduce one of the places in top 10 golf courses in Alabama where you should take a visit once in your life. When first entering into this golf course, the combination of dramatic elevation changes, immaculate greens as well as pristine fairways will catch your attention with no doubt. Furthermore, a package of spa service is offered with a wide range of treatment such as detoxifying and massaging, which will guarantee to release your tension and pressure after all. Lastly, you will be amazed at the fresh food harvested from the farm during your dining.

best golf courses in Alabama
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  1. Ballantrae Golf Club

Situated in the east of Pelham in Alabama, Ballantrae is truly a gifted gem for both local golfers and business travelers. This golf course will help you experience the fun but thrilling game. However, the scenic landscape of woodlands can easily fool you and prevent you from hitting the best shot. The professional and friendly staff is considered as the additional plus for Ballantrae. You can also experience one of the most exceptional customer service with outstanding facilities here including golf shop, practice equipment, conference room and well-qualified restaurant.

  1. Limestone Springs Golf Club

The following place which is ranked in top 10 golf courses in Alabama will be Limestone Springs. It is accurate to say that Limestone Springs is a natural sculpture located in the north of Birmingham in Alabama. With the overlooking of Appalachian Mountains, you can never forget the picturesque view after visiting this place. Moreover, Limestone Springs is able to arrange the wedding celebration for couples, which consists of a diversity of breathtaking settings.

  1. Horse Creek Golf Course

Compared with the other courses, Horse Creek is distinguished for its manicured greens of all areas at the first sight. As a consequence, this will create a refreshing and relaxing feeling for anyone who are in need of refining their spirit after nervous time of working. Moreover, it is unbelievable that the fee is very affordable for all kinds of golfers to play here. Apart from the golf course, you can also visit the pro shop so as to satisfy your shopping demand.

  1. Goose Pond Colony Resorts

Goose Pond Colony is well-known for being a hidden jewel in North Alabama with the supply of world-class service. You will be totally immersed into the natural views of the Tennessee River, and then begin to feel challenging when competing in two excellent courses including The Lake and The Plantation. Hence, golfers at all skills can challenge themselves in a friendly but fair game. After playing golf, you can refine your mind by going fishing and have a look at the breathtaking layout. By doing this, you can maximize your satisfaction when coming to this place.

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  1. Cross Creek Golf Course

In terms of golfing, you cannot ignore Cross Creek lying in the Southern Alabama in top 10 golf courses in Alabama. This incredible place is recognized widely for having an extremely stunning layout with the mixture of endless rolling greens and water hazards. Also, Cross Creek frequently offers a bunch of golf promotions and lessons for sales, so that you can not only enjoy golfing with high-class standard but also save more money. Furthermore, organizing some fundraising events is another advantage of Cross Creek to appeal more customers in the long run.

  1. Spring Hill Golf Course

In the heart of Mobile in Alabama, Spring Hill is designed to become one of the most magnificent golf courses with outstanding service and superb amenities, so that it can remain its reputation for a long term. Due to being the oldest course in Mobile, Spring Hill will be accessible to all of the local people. Therefore, this place will own a very classic and countryside style, which seems to be unique among the other golf courses. Moreover, there are a number of events in the monthly calendar updated on its website, so that the customers can follow this information every month and become active to participate.

  1. Indian Pines Golf Course

Located in Auburn, considered as the best city for golf in the United States, Indian Pines will be an ideal place for those who are keen on playing golf. In addition, there are many meaningful events available all year round such as Christmas, Race for the Cup as well as Indian Pines tournaments. By engaging in these programs, you can learn more knowledge and communicate with more people who are willing to share the same hobby.

All of the places in top 10 golf courses in Alabama is surely incredible and you will never regret to visit some of them when having an opportunity.

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