Top 10 golf courses in Texas

Top 10 golf courses in Texas
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Texas is ranked 2nd in the United State in terms of area. This state is the combination of forests, rivers and desserts, so that many golf designers find it fascinated to construct the golf course here. As a result, I would like to tell you top 10 golf courses in Texas, and then you can have your personal choice.

Top 10 golf courses in Texas

Top 10 golf courses in Texas

  1. Cordillera Ranch Golf Club

Being constructed in Borne, Cordillera Ranch is considered as an exclusive and resort-style community. Moreover, it is famous for offering a wide range of clubs including golf, tennis, swimming, spa, gun, equestrian as well as social activities. However, the Golf club is still outstanding since there are many unique points that you can find out after coming here. You can observe the beautiful nature and take part in golf courses without hitting any similar holes.

  1. Walden on Lake Conroe Golf Club

Among top 10 golf courses in Texas, Walden will undeniably be regarded as one of the places you are willing to come back again in the future. The special feature of this course is that it does not prefer the left or right handers, so that you can feel secure about the fairness of the game. Walden is designed along the towering pines in the Southeast of Texas, therefore, you can fall in line with the colorful landscape. Beside, the friendliness of employees and the provision of good food are attractive factors that can enticing the players to visit Walden more regularly.

  1. The Retreat

Situated in Cleburne, The Retreat has a fantastic design with rolling hills, lives oak as well as picturesque vistas, all of which make us immersed into the feeling of golfing in the center of nature. Moreover, you can participate in the competitive and breathtaking courses but still maintain fairness among the players. Also, there are other available high-class services when staying here such as pro shop, beverage bar, restaurant, meeting as well as locker rooms with professional staff.

  1. Black Jack’s Crossing Golf Course

Some people may get surprised to know that there is a fantastic golf course called Black Jack’s Crossing located in the remote area of West Texas. In particular, this place is built along the Rio Grande River between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park. Furthermore, every hole in this golf course is unique and stunning. The course is also able to work well regardless of the toughness of weather in this area. Moreover, this place owns a private airport in order to give their guests the flexibility when playing golf, but make sure to make a reservation at least 3 days before the flight. Last but not least, Black Jack’s Crossing offer additional services including hunting, dining, holding events as well as wedding celebrations for couples.

Best golf resorts in texas
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  1. Traditions Club at Texas A&M

Next, I would like to introduce another one in top 10 golf courses in Texas. Being co-designed by Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicklaus II, Traditions Club does not only consist of many natural creeks and wetlands but also place many strategic bunkers, which intends to make the players absorbed into the true championship course. It is undeniable to say that Nicklaus design is famous for premier golf club architecture all around the world for more than 40 years. As a result, you can experience the superior service as well as legendary style when being here.

  1. Boot Ranch

Lying in the authentic culture of the Texas Hill Country, Boot Ranch is recognized for its classic design with endless horizon and fine homesteads. This place is an ideal accommodation for the whole family since you can enjoy both rustic beauty and luxurious service at the same time. About its golf club, there are many opportunities as well as challenges when playing here as it is designed for all kinds of skills. The opening of championship tournament is available every year for both members and guests. Also, you can comfortably use private lockers, golf cars as well as practice balls when being a registered member. Finally, Boot Ranch is a 5-star accommodation with a mixture of entertainment including shooting, dinning, swimming pool and tennis as well.

  1. Cowboys Golf Club

Cowboys is considered as the pioneer in NFL-themed golf club concept and until now, it is the only one all over the world. Situated along the rolling hills of Grapevine in Texas, Cowboys is distinguished with the others by dramatic elevation changes, natural waterways, living wildlife as well as dense forests. All of these elements lead to a stunning background for the players. Besides, their additional service is excellent with dinning, holding business meetings, wedding celebration, golf tournaments and parties, which will satisfy even the difficult golfers and travelers.

Best golf courses in texas
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  1. Lago Vista Golf Course

If you have ever come to Lago Vista, you will understand why I put it into top 10 golf courses in Texas. With the purpose of creating fun and memorable moments, Lago Vista is constructed with the combination of such wonderful scenery such as epic lakes, fairways and abundant wildlife in one picture frame. Also, this club is innovated day by day in order to provide the best service for the players. Last but not least, in case you want to buy some golfing apparels, there are a variety of brands with latest style offered at Pro Shop.

  1. Cliffs at Possum Kingdom

The Cliffs is recognized widely for being a sculpture in the West of Texas terrain. As a consequence, you will be unforgettable when playing golf and enjoying natural landscape simultaneously. However, make sure to focus on your ball because beautiful scenery can prevent you from hitting a perfect shot. Moreover, professional players can challenge themselves since the Cliffs has one the most difficult courses throughout Texas. After all, you can maximize your relaxation by enjoying spa service, high-class dining and marina activities.

  1. Cimarron Hills

Having the same designers as the Traditions in number 5, Cimarron Hills requires the players to have thoughtful and strategic planning. Staying at this place, you can be totally immersed into the pure image of oak trees, rolling terrains and laurels. Furthermore, you can satisfy your needs by enjoying world-class cuisine and other special events.

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The above list of top 10 golf courses in Texas will amazingly help you to find out the most suitable one when travelling to Texas. Also, make sure to tell us your experience after coming to one these wonderful places.

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  • Golf courses in Texas
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