Watch: Olesen not happy with ruling at BMW

Watch: Olesen not happy with ruling at BMW
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During the second round of the BMW International Open, Thorbjorn Olesen was looking over a chip shot at the par-4 fourth hole when his ball suddenly rolled back into the water.

Olesen had already hit his second shot in the water, dropped twice and then placed the ball after his two drops failed to stay on the steep bank near the hazard. Olesen then walked up the slope to the green and watched his ball roll back into the hazard.

A referee told Olesen there was no penalty for the ball rolling back into the hazard. Chief referee Andy McFee later said the referee was wrong, since Olesen’s ball was at rest – and there was no outside agency (like a wind gust) that caused the ball to move – and it was in play.

Olesen got up and down for a bogey, but McFee then had to inform Olesen of the referee’s incorrect ruling and Olesen had to add another penalty stroke. Olesen was still not happy about the incident after his round.

McFee also cleared up any questions about the incident.

Watch: Olesen not happy with ruling at BMW

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