When To Use The Putter

Remember your days playing putt-putt? The idea is the same on real grass. The putter rolls the ball along the ground and (eventually) into the hole. It’s the one club even beginning players usually have some experience using—and it’s the one where you can develop some skill the quickest. With just an hour or two of practice, you can learn how to save a half dozen shots per round.

What You Need to Know

• The putter’s flat face and short length makes it the easiest club in your bag to hit solidly. Don’t be afraid to use it even when you’re a few steps off the green and in the first cut of rough.

• The different slopes on the green will change where you need to aim and how hard you have to hit the putt to get it to the hole.

• The art of green reading—or predicting how your putt will curve—comes with practice, and perception.

• Watch what happens to your playing partners’ putts to get a preview of yours.

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