Golf Bag For Women Reviews

Golf Bag For Women Reviews
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best womens golf bags
Golf Bag For Women Reviews

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Golf Bag For Women Reviews

Golf Bag For Women Reviews – Women love style and a touch of practical finesse in most of the things they use. The statement carries into golfing where several women golfers are demanding bags that let them stand out in an otherwise male crowd. With so many female golfers showing excellence in the game, a great bag to go with their gameplay is not a bad idea in the least.

Golf Bag For Women
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Golf Bag For Women 2022 Reviews

1. Callaway 2015 Up Town Golf Cart Bag

Golf Bag For Women Reviews 5
Golf Bag For Women Reviews

Here are some of the main features on the Callaway 2015 Up Town.

  • Easy lift handle; integrated
  • Rain hood and 4 different head covers; for color-matching
  • Pockets: 8 (accessories, GPS, full-size ball pocket, full-length apparel, key-fobbed valuables pocket with velour lining)
  • E-Trolley based system; pull/push cart compatible
  • Full-length club divider system
  • Design: 9.5-inch 6-way top
  • Sold in 2 distinct color codes


The styling possibilities are amazing; four head cover colors to suit your mood on the course. The handle is designed to make lifting the bag reasonably easy. A 6-way top at 9.5” makes for a wide space to hold your clubs and irons. The full-length divider system is ideally organized; non-clutter non-scrape design. When the time comes to move around the tee using a push or pull cart, you’ll find this women’s golf bag fits without keeling over, and it doesn’t occupy too much space either.

2. Hunter-NuSport Vogue Ladies Cart Bag

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Golf Bag For Women Reviews

Here are some of the main features on the Hunter-NuSport Vogue.

  • Pockets: 10, all zippered with one valuables pocket that comes lined with velour
  • Cooler pocket also present; insulated
  • 3-year warranty
  • Design: 15-way individual full-length dividers
  • Sold in one gorgeous color-combo; purple with pink mottling (other variations may exist)


The individual full-length dividers ensure club safety; each rod/iron/club is held in its own padded space. The polymer handle makes it easy for you to lift the bag. You also have a grand-size internal-woven putter well. The pockets have stainless steel zippers and come allocated for storing your valuables, accessories, full-length apparel, GPS, and so on.

A large towel ring, removable rain hood, and umbrella holder bring more practical value to this women’s golf bag. The polyester padded trim fabric made after a honeycombed design exudes sex appeal. You can customize and/or personalize thanks to a removable front panel design.

3. Datrek Go Lite Pro Stand Bagest women’s golf bags 2022

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Golf Bag For Women Reviews

Here are some of the main features on the Datrek Go Lite Pro.

  • Insulated beverage sleeve
  • Dual shoulder straps; padded, ergonomic
  • Full-length individual dividers
  • Nylon/Fabric material; cleanable, durable
  • Design: 14-way mesh padded top
  • Sold in 14 distinct color codes


In addition to being one of the lightest bags in the lineup (about 5 lbs.), this one also has two of the best shoulder straps, designed with ergonomic padding. Add hip pads to this, and you have yourself a bag that lets you walk longer and farther on the golf course.

There are several pockets for your convenience (especially the fleece-lined valuables pocket), and an insulated beverage sleeve to add to the practical appeal. 14-way top dividers hold your clubs and irons in specialized comfort and make accessibility easy.

Integrated into the top area of the bag is an ergonomic handle that makes lifting and lowering easy. A Velcro glove holder and towel ring make your time on the tee smarter. You also get a matching rain hood and umbrella holder with this women’s golf bag that also has a cart-compatible base.

4. Srixon Golf Z-FOUR Stand Bag

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Golf Bag For Women Reviews
  • The front is made after a scooped design; ensures easy access to your clubs
  • Weighs only 4.5 lbs.
  • Sold in 1 distinct color code combo: white-pink (variations may exist)
  • Design: 11-inch 4-way top


The front section of this women’s golf bag is scooped in such a unique manner that accessing your clubs has never been easier. You get two sleeve elements, one to hold your scorecard and another insulated one for hydration (beverage). Trunk handles are crafted to ergonomic perfection; EZ handles.

The straps are ideal for long-term carrying with incorporated CSS design; Comfort Suspension System. The 8 pockets are strategically laid out on the bag’s exterior. Coming in at only 4.5 lbs., this is also one of the lightest golf bags out there.

5. Women’s Sport Lite Carry II Golf Bag

Here are some of the main features on the Women’s Sport Lite Carry II.

  • Among its handful of pockets, the one for valuables comes lined with fleece for weather-proofing
  • Glove and apparel pockets are full-length in design
  • A revolving double-strap system from Nike EquaFlex makes for comfortable carrying
  • 2 full-length divider systems; also, a dedicated putter well
  • Sold in 1 distinct color code combo: pink-olive (other variations may exist)
  • Design: 8.5-inch 5-way oval top


Lightweight and with readily accessible features, this Nike marvel is as practical as it is aesthetic. Durable materials go into making up this women’s golf bag; ensuring long-term elegance and comfort. Specialized compartments make it easy to store your personal items while golfing.

The pockets also include full-length glove and apparel space as well as a fleece-lined one for your valuables. Suffice to say they are waterproof and reliable. The look and feel of this bag is incomparable; stand-out design.


Women compete with men on several fronts, so it comes as no surprise to see them excel on the green. Golfing is an amazing sport, but it is pointless in the absence of good gear.

Today’s technologies and innovations in design and material have made golf bags a work of art in their own right. When shopping for best women’s golf bags this 2022, seek practical features more than aesthetic appeal. However, a little style and sensuality never hurt anyone; it’s always fun to keep the men guessing.


Titleist Hybrid 5 Stand Golf Bag

Titleist Hybrid 5 Stand Golf Bag – Product Details

UK Launch 01 February 2019
UK Launch RRP £185
USA Launch RRP $230
European Launch 01 February 2019
Bag Types Stand
Bag Weight 2.2 kg
Colour Options: Grey/White/Navy, White/Black/Red, Black/Blue
Manufacturer’s Website Titleist Website


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