Best Golf Clubs For Kids

Best Golf Clubs For Kids
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Guide to Choosing the best golf clubs for kids 2022.

Some famous names (Andres Romero, Seve Ballesteros) have proven that you can play with a cut-off iron as a kid and still grow to golf stardom, and become a legend in the field using the best golf clubs for kids that money can buy. The types of pre-packaged set and clubs that you choose will determine where your child can go as a golfer. In our best golf club reviews below, we cover top three favorites that have guided juniors to success.

Best Golf Clubs For Kids

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One advantage with kids is that you don’t need 12 or 14 clubs on the tee. They can naturally begin with a putter and wedge and follow that up with drivers, hybrids, and select irons as their skill improves. Another thing to keep in mind is that the clubs need to be short, length-wise. Between these and other smart options, your kid will be teeing like a pro simply because they have access to the right kinds of tools.

Children need to be inspired to play a sport, not forced into it, and if your choice of best golf clubs for kids is going to rush straight to the adult variety, it will leave them at an impasse.

Best Golf Clubs For Kids 2022

1.Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set – Best Golf clubs for kids 2022

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Here are some of the main features and benefits on the Little Tikes Totsports.

  • Ages: 2-3. Let’s start small, really small. Kiddies can enjoy the game of golf before they grow enough to play the sport itself
  • This cute cart contains a putter and driver so your child can learn the difference early
  • 3 golf balls and 2 golf clubs add to the set’s value, not to forget an all-surface putting hole to keep your child interested
  • The set is designed to improve coordination and motor skills, making them a great addition to your baby’s development anyway
  • Of course, they can play in the backyard or indoors

2.Paragon Rising Star Kids/Toddler Golf Clubs Set – Golf sets for kids

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Here are some of the main features and benefits on the Paragon Rising Star.

  • Ages: 3-5
  • It comes in left and right hand orientations
  • Knuckle-to-ground measure imparts good fit; up to 18 inches
  • Driver is oversized and has titanium matrix design; optimum forgiveness
  • Irons are wide-soled with low center of gravity; stainless steel with graphite shafts
  • Swing speeds and strength ideally compensated for kids with proper shaft length, club weight, and flex optimization
  • Fairway wood comes lofted and has matching head cover
  • Putter is mallet-styled
  • Box and carry bag included
  • The set has a manufacturer ‘Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage’

3.Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set – Best junior golf clubs

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Here are some of the main features and benefits on the Intech Lancer.

  • Ages: 5 and over
  • The bag has a reliable kickstand feature and double straps for enhanced carrying comfort
  • 5 pockets on exterior and a rain hood add to its value for money
  • The putter is made using EZ stroke technology, has back-weighting, and comes with a milled polymer face insert
  • The hybrid iron has offset 4/5 and comes with a high-loft design
  • The driver is stainless steel with a composite graphite shaft and is angled at 5-degree
  • This set is one of the most affordable on the market and is ideal for entry-level juniors

Advantages of Using Best Golf Clubs For Kids

Kids follow a learning curve. They need time and tools to get their putting, driving, and teeing moves correct on the green.

  • With pre-packaged golf sets like the ones you read about in our best golf club reviews, you get a balanced deal with all the right tools.
  • The lengths are ideal, meaning your kid has the right shaft lengths for their age and height. This means better swings, ideal force, and confidence when they sink holes.
  • Building confidence through training includes juniors getting acquainted with different clubs. They can start with a handful and expand into 12- and then 14-club sets.

Value for money is getting your junior golfer the right set for their training requirements. Do not push them unless you know exactly where you are guiding their minds. Golfers develop a strong technique when young, so make sure you provide the greatest advantage for your kid on the green: give them your patience.

Best Golf Clubs For Kids – FAQs

1. What kind of golf balls are good for juniors?

If your child has slower swing speeds, it’s best to get them a ball that spins more and has a soft cover. Soft-compression golf balls come with most pre-set packages anyway.

2. What’s the ideal driver length for junior golfers?

An aluminum club-head versus a titanium one. The former is good for beginners and the latter is ideal for juniors who get better in the game. As long as the driver isn’t two inches longer below the child’s sternum, it’s a good buy. Juniors should be able to choke down on the grip but not at 2-3 inches; that’s when you know the driver is too long.

Baby Steps

Your kid may very well be serious about golfing; often they themselves are unaware of their passion for the sport. Buy the right golf club length, because this is the one place most guardians, parents, and well-wishers go wrong. A junior golfer is not the same as an adult. They are their own kind of professional and therefore need their own kind of tools.

Juniors have their work cut out for them. With all that training and skill-honing, they shouldn’t feel left out of the club. This is why the best golf clubs for kids come designed much like their adult versions. Exterior pockets, self-stand designs, overall look and feel especially carry straps that let kids move with their coaches and guardians as if they belong on the course, and not find themselves inconvenienced. Set high standards for your juniors and they will rise to the challenge.

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