Best Ping Hat Golf Amazon

Best Ping Hat Golf Amazon
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The Best Ping Hat Golf Amazon – We all have our favourite golf outfit. Maybe the shirt’s from a famous course like Pinehurst, Pebble Beach, or Augusta National. Maybe you think the shirt makes you look like Brooks Koepka or Rickie Fowler.

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How to select Best Ping Hat Golf Amazon

You also managed to find the perfect pants/shorts to go with your shirt. You know you look sweet and will turn heads on the first tee, but don’t forget the cherry on top: the best Ping golf hats.

The right Ping golf hat will not only perfect your look, it’ll also help you enjoy your day more and even help you play better. You want protection from the sun, you want to be comfortable on the course, and you want to stay as cool as possible. Ping golf hats can accomplish all of that, and then some.

Ping golf hats come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. It can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but we’re here to help. Below, we’ve reviewed the different factors you should consider before buying your next Ping golf hat.

You may want to build out a Ping golf hat collection over time – it’s always good to have options depending on weather, style, and color.


Types Of Ping golf hats

We break Ping golf hats down into three primary types. “Baseball” hats, Visors, and bucket hats. Let’s take a quick look at each type:

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“Baseball” Hats

The “baseball” hat is probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “Ping golf hat.” It’s the most common type, and what you’ll find the vast majority of players wearing on the course.

You can find these hats in every color in the rainbow and with all of your favourite golf brand logos. Sub-categories include “trucker hats,” “rope hats,” and “flat brim” hats. Most are one size fits all, with an adjustment mechanism in the back, but some do come in different sizes and need to be tried on before you buy.

Golf Visors - Golf hat

Golf Visors

Phil Mickelson
The golf visor first became popular in the 1980s when PGA tour professionals started to wear them. They’ve started to make a comeback in recent years – Phil Mickelson just wore one all four days to win the PGA Championship.

The golf visor isn’t the right hat for everyone. First of all, you need a nice full head of hair or the sunburn can be brutal. You’ll find less stylistic options than the “baseball” hat, but you can find most colors on the market.

Golf Bucket Hats

Golf Bucket Hats

Bucket Hat
The most famous (or infamous depending on your perspective) golf bucket hat was worn by Spaulding in Caddyshack (“you will get nothing and like it”).

More recently, PGA tour professional Joel Dahmen has led the golf bucket hat charge by wearing one on tour when he needs to make a charge up the leaderboard.

You can find golf bucket hats with a variety of brim sizes from fairly small to very large (almost sombrero size). The key advantage of the golf bucket hat (besides standing out a bit) is sun protection. They provide more protection for your face and the back of your neck than other Ping golf hats.

Guide To Choosing The Best Ping golf hats amazon

You may already know what type of Ping golf hat you prefer, but how do you select the hat itself? What factors do you consider before pulling out your wallet?

Design – Style/Colour

It may sound funny, but we all have different size and shape heads. One golfer might look great in a visor, while others can “pull off” the bucket hat. You always want to consider the style of the Ping golf hat and ensure it matches up with your face/head and personality.

Trust us, you probably know if you’re a “visor guy” or not. Consider keeping a cohesive style with the rest of your outfit. If your outfit is more colourful, tie in a black hat to accompany your advanced golf watch and shoes.

Sunday Ping golf hats

The color/design/logo makes for an interesting choice with each golfing occasion. Do you want a neutral color like black or white that’ll work with almost any outfit? Do you want to build out a collection of colors that you pick from based on the day?

Sunday Golf makes some of the best Ping golf hats in the marketplace and offers both. Their black and white “rope” hats and their “trucker” hats will look good with any outfit, but if you want a more unique colour, they have those options as well.

The design/style/color of the hat is the first thing you will notice while shopping and is the most critical factor to consider.

Material Used to Make the Ping golf hat

You didn’t think all Ping golf hats are made from the same material did you? They can be made from polyester, nylon, spandex, wool, linen, or cotton, but most are made from a blend of 2-3 of these materials. Interesting, but why should you care?

The type of material used to build your Ping golf hat will directly impact how it performs for you on the course. A wool hat’s going to feel a bit different than a cotton one on a warm summer afternoon. Do you ever get caught in a shower on the trunk 9? The material of your Ping golf hat will impact how it handles the moisture aswell.

If you want a lightweight hat that will help you stay cool, we recommend you try something that is made from a polyester blend. Some companies will even recycle and use this material to make their Ping golf hats, offering a sustainability Ping golf hat option. They tend to be more durable as well.


Regardless of the style and color of the Ping golf hat you select, you want it to be comfortable. The game of golf is hard enough without getting a headache from your Ping golf hat.

The first thing to consider may be the fit. Make sure your Ping golf hat is tight, but not so tight that you have red marks on your forehead when you take it off. The material of the Ping golf hat can also be critical to how it feels on your own head. You also want a Ping golf hat that’s lightweight.

Sweat Absorption

A Ping golf hat that can properly absorb sweat can be a life-saver on a hot afternoon. Removing the moisture from your forehead and skin will make you more comfortable and assist you to avoid developing a rash.

Not all golfers sweat the same amount. The importance of this feature will vary from player to player, but if you tend to perspire, it’ll be one of the most critical factors in selecting a hat. Look for a Ping golf hat that’s both lightweight and includes a sweatband. The softer the sweatband against your skin, the better.


What golfer doesn’t enjoy the afternoon breeze on the back nine? Make sure you can feel this breeze by selecting a hat with ventilation. Let your scalp breathe!

Focus on the material and the design to find a Ping golf hat with great ventilation. Polyester and cotton both ventilate well and you also might want to consider a hat with mesh in the back. A visor is perfect for ventilation, if you can “pull off” that look.

Live Forever Golf
No one wants their favorite Ping golf hat to fall apart after a few rounds. High quality golf gear can last years, but you need to make sure you buy a product that can handle the elements. Golf is played outdoors, so you need Ping golfing hats that may handle the sun, rain, heat, and cold.

How can you test durability before you purchase? This can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. First, check the reviews for the brand – learn from your fellow golfers. Check the materials and the construction – you want the product to look and feel sturdy. Once you find a brand that proves to become durable, stick with it.


We all have a golf budget, so the price needs to be considered prior to buying your next Ping golf hat. The good news is that, compared to other golf gear, Ping golf hats are relatively inexpensive, ranging between $20 and $50.

You don’t want to buy the cheapest option, but probably don’t need the most expensive one, either. We would recommend you settle somewhere in the middle and pick your next Ping golf hat in line with the criteria above.

Select The Best Ping golf hats for You

The Ping golf hat you wear tells the world something about you as a person and a player. Make sure you’re sharing the correct message. Do you want people to see you and think “this guy is a good player” or do you want them to speculate “this guy would be fun to play with?” The hat you decide on will end up being part of their first impression.

There are so many options, so it all comes down to your perthereforenal style. You may want to try different hats depending on the day.

Wear your best “baseball” Ping golf hat for tournaments, wear a golf visor on cloudy days, and wear your golf bucket hat when you just want to relax with your buddies. There’s no wrong answer. Build out an inventory of Ping golf hats to give you options. Be like George Costanza and dress (pick your hat) based on mood.

At the end of day, it’s all about enjoying your time on the course. Play with your favorite golf ball, stroll down the fairways, roll in some birdie putts, and look stylish in your new Ping golf hat.

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