Bryson DeChambeau creates video to show he’s not on steroids

Bryson DeChambeau creates video to show he’s not on steroids
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When it comes to his insane weight and distance gains over the past couple of years, Bryson DeChambeau would like everyone to know that he’s done it cleanly.

He’s now got the tests to prove it.

DeChambeau, unprompted, posted a video to his YouTube account on Monday, showing himself standing outside of a Quest Diagnostics last month and later receiving his results for what he said was a test for performance-enhancing drugs.

“I want you guys to know that I did this in a way that was, hopefully, natural and just hard work,” DeChambeau said at the beginning of the video.

DeChambeau said he had bloodwork and a urine sample done before the video cut to him doing an intense speed-training session. The video then transitioned to a shirtless DeChambeau scrolling through his emails on his phone at 10:30 one night during the Hero World Challenge earlier this month in the Bahamas. DeChambeau held up the email of the results on his phone, while the PDFs were also posted to the video.

“All negative,” DeChambeau exclaimed, as the lab report showed a long list of negative results, including for amphetamine, methamphetamine, anabolic and masking agents, dozens of anabolic androgenic agents and growth hormone. “Nothing!”

DeChambeau then capped the video sitting next to Greg Roskopf, found of Muscle Activation Techniques, while saying, “This is better than steroids.”

Source: GolfChannel

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