Equipment Needed To Play Golf

Equipment Needed To Play Golf
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Equipment Needed To Play Golf – Golf is a game which a person can play to relax him and take a break from his daily routine. Unlike many other outdoor games, golf requires minimal physical exercise and gives the maximum time to spend in nature. It keeps you very fresh and isn’t tiresome. The only major physical movement related is walking and swing of the arm.

Golf is also a game with minimal equipment. As it is a very calm game and doesn’t need any major physical exercise, it also doesn’t pose and danger. Thus, any safety equipment is not necessary. The most important equipment is the club and ball. If a person has these, he can play golf. These are the very basic ones.

Equipment Needed To Play Golf

Equipment Needed To Play Golf
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Other than the golf ball and club, there are many other things that make up a complete golf equipment kit. Let us see all of them:

1. Golf Club

In a golf game, players can carry a maximum of 14 clubs with them. This is the limit for each player prescribed in the rules. There are many kinds of clubs. Woods clubs are the ones that are used to hit a long shot, maybe from the tee or rough. Iron clubs are used to play shorter shorts, mostly in towards the end. Putters are the clubs used in the green for putting the ball in the hole.

2. Golf Balls

The golf balls are small, white balls with circular dimples all around. The size variation is allowed from a minimum of 42.67 mm, and its weight shouldn’t be more than 45.93 grams. There are around 350 – 400 dimples all around the ball. These are scientifically designed to help and boost the fly speed and distance of the ball.

3. Golf Tee

It is a small spike that is pushed into the ground. The ball is kept on it so that it provides an easier shot. It can only be used once in every hole, that too in the very first shot. It is not necessary or compulsory to do so. It is totally based on the player’s need and is the decision of the same.

4. Golf Bags

It would be really difficult for a golfer to carry a maximum of 14 clubs around the golf course in his hands or carry them loosely. To manage this and a lot of other supplies and accessories, good golf bags are available. They have various pockets and are easy to carry around.

5. Golf Gloves

Gloves are the accessories that provide a good grip while holding the club and also ease the swing of the arm. They come in single, individual pieces, which are used on one hand only. This hand is the dominant one. It allows more power and more distance for the ball to travel.

6. Golf Shoes

It is necessary sometimes for the players to have a good grip on the ground. There are special golf shoes that have different spikes under them. These spikes give immense control to the player and give him good balance and grip. These are preferable during wet conditions to avoid getting slipped while taking a shot.

Maintaining Golf Equipment

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All the golf equipment is very expensive and needs good care. If these are maintained properly, they can be very durable and can last for years and even decades. Thus, some steps that can be taken to maintain these golf equipment are:

Golf Clubs

Clubs are pretty expensive and may be seen as an investment. Even the normal one’s cost at least $ 1,000, and the price only increases. Taking care of the clubs in an adequate manner is vital, as they are not a recurring investment. First of all, they must be regularly cleaned. It keeps the dust off them. Keep checking and inspecting the club for any wear and tear.

  • Cleaning & Maintaining Club Head: It is the most basic part of maintenance. To clean it, soak it down in some lukewarm water for a few minutes. Scrub the head with a soft brush. Clean in the line of the grooves. These can be then dried, and after they dry, a steel polish should be applied to them. If it’s a wooden club head, it shouldn’t be soaked. It should just be washed and immediately dried.
  • Maintaining Shafts: There are two types of shafts namely, steel and wooden. Both these need different types of cleaning and maintenance. Steel shafts are the easiest to manage. Most of the time they need only a quick wipe with a wet towel to make them shine. If they have a little rust, they can be rubbed with steel wool. Wooden ones need a little bit more care. They should not be easily exposed to water. Even while playing in rain, player should carry a towel with him to clean and wipe the water off quickly. Water is not good for the wood. Thus, wooden shafts must be cared for properly.

Golf Gloves

Gloves are prone to wear and tear, and will be needed to be changed after multiple uses. Using a single glove, again and again, reduces its life. It is recommended to buy two or three at once and use them in a rotation. It enhances their life. Also, if the hands of a player tend to sweat a bit too much in warm weather, rain gloves should be preferred instead of leather ones.

Golf Bags

Golf bags are made of nylon, metal frame, and silicone. But, in the end, they are stitched, and all the stitched materials have a life. In the case of golf bags, they need some special care. They should not be overstuffed. They should be washed periodically, to avoid odors. The zips must be inspected, and if they have worn out, they must be changed.

Golf Shoes

Shoes require good cleaning by the golfer. A proper size shoe must be chosen at first. The wrong size makes the shoe wear out too quickly. Also, using two pairs of shoes and rotating them makes their life longer. They can be rotated in between the wounds. Also, avoid storing them in high heat. That weakens the material.


When starting to play golf, a person makes a handful investment in the equipment. It is thus necessary that he maintains them so that they can last longer. As seen, there are ways that a person can maintain all of the equipment. There may be some other remedies to enhance the life of the equipment. If you know some more of them, please leave a comment. Share it with your golf buddies.

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