Justin Thomas: I don’t need to get ‘huge’ to win tournaments

Justin Thomas: I don’t need to get ‘huge’ to win tournaments
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AUGUSTA, Ga. – Bryson DeChambeau’s dogged pursuit of longer drives is all the buzz this week at the Masters, with other players being peppered with questions about using longer shafts in drivers and packing on the pounds.

The narrative reached a fever pitch following DeChambeau’s victory at the U.S. Open, but for some players, such as Justin Thomas, the fixation on added distance is only part of the equation.

“No offense to him, but he’s not winning every tournament he’s playing in, so it’s clearly not too much of a disadvantage [to not hit as far as DeChambeau],” said Thomas, a three-time winner last season on the PGA Tour. “You still have to get the ball in the hole. Although he has a big advantage, I still think that he wins tournaments he does because he still putts it really well. He’s a great putter, and it’s a very underrated part of his game.”

Thomas: Augusta National ‘substantially easier’ for Bryson

Thomas: Augusta National 'substantially easier' for Bryson

Thomas went on to explain that although he appreciates DeChambeau’s transformation and desire for longer drives, adding 40 pounds really isn’t something he’s interested in.

“I mean, he’s put on a lot of weight. I don’t necessarily think 40 pounds of muscle. He’s just eating everything in sight and he’s working out a lot. He’s gotten huge,” Thomas said. “I have zero desire to put on 50 or 40 pounds. I could put on 10 and it would be a good 10 pounds, but I mean, I don’t need to hit it 370 yards or 340 yards in the air to win every tournament.”

Source: GolfChannel

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