Tee times for the Augusta National Women's Amateur

Tee times for the Augusta National Women's Amateur
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Tee times (ET) for first round and second rounds of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur, beginning  Wednesday at Champions Retreat Golf Club. Saturday’s final round, which will feature the low 30 qualifiers (stroke play), will take place at Augusta National Golf Club.

(Wednesday, first tee/Thursday, 10th tee)

9 a.m./11:12 a.m.: Jennifer Kupcho, Olivia Mehaffey (Northern Ireland), Atthaya Thitikul (Thailand)

9:12 a.m./11 a.m.: Beatrice Wallin (Sweden), Valentina Giraldo (Colombia), Stephanie Lau

9:24 a.m./10:48 a.m.: Marta Perez (Spain), Zoe Campos, Allisen Corpuz

9:36 a.m./10:36 a.m.: Alexa Pano, Maria Fassi (Mexico), Wenyung Keh (New Zealand)

9:48 a.m./10:24 a.m.: Yuka Saso (Philippines), Kaitlyn Papp, Gina Kim

10 a.m./10:12 a.m.: Haley Moore, Agathe Laisne (France), Natalie Srinivasan

10:12 a.m./10 a.m.: Annabell Fuller (England), Lauren Hartlage, Alessandra Fanali (Italy)

10:24 a.m./9:48 a.m.: Hee Ying Loy (Malaysia), Jessica Yuen, Alice Hewson (England)

10:36 a.m./9:36 a.m.: Emma Spitz (Australia), Jaravee Boonchant (Thailand), Hanna Alberto

10:48 a.m./9:24 a.m.: Amanda Doherty, Kaylee Benton, Maja Stark (Sweden)

11 a.m./9:12 a.m.: Haylee Harford, Caterina Don (Italy), Allyson Geer-Park

11:12 a.m./9 a.m.: Clarisse Louis (Belgium), Tilda Larsson (Sweden), Mariah Smith

(Wednesday, 10th tee/Thursday, first tee)

9 a.m./11:12 a.m.: Yuka Yasuda (Japan), Linn Grant (Sweden), Alice Chen

9:12 a.m./11 a.m.: Michaela Finn (Sweden), Tristyn Nowlin, Lei Ye (China)

9:24 a.m./10:48 a.m.: Anna Redding, Alyaa Abdulghany, Yu-Sang Hou (Chinese Taipei)

9:36 a.m./10:36 a.m.: Jennifer Chang, Virginia Elena Carta (Italy), Andrea Lee

9:48 a.m./10:24 a.m.: Ainhoa Olarra (Spain), Leonie Harm (Germany), Dylan Kim

10 a.m./10:12 a.m.: Seo-yun Kwon (Korea), Sierra Brooks, Julienne Soo (Australia)

10:12 a.m./10 a.m.: Amanda Linner (Sweden), Emilee Hoffman, Jiwon Jeon (Korea)

10:24 a.m./9:48 a.m.: Ana Belac (Slovenia), Yu-Chiang Hou (Chinese Taipei), Emilia Migliaccio

10:36 a.m./9:36 a.m.: Lily May Humphreys (England), Rose Zhang, Alessia Nobilio (Italy)

10:48 a.m./9:24 a.m.: Sofia Anokhina (Russia), Brooke Seay, Isabella Fierro (Mexico)

11:00 a.m./9:12 a.m.: Ellie Slama, Pimnipa Panthong (Thailand), Erica Shepherd

11:12 a.m./9 a.m.: Sophie Hausmann (Germany), Brigitte Thibault (Canada), Kaleigh Telfer (South Africa)

Tee times for the Augusta National Women's Amateur

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