Top 7 Best Fairway Woods Reviews

Reviews and guides for Choosing the Top 7 best fairway woods in 2022.

A fairway wood is known as a special kind of club used in the golf sport. As its name suggests, that model is engineered for longer distance hits or shots from off the turf of the long fairway.

 Although each kind of fairway wood has its own specialized characteristics, they all features a higher loft and a shallower face height. 

These two characteristics help the golfers to hit the ball off the ground with greater distance and ease. If you are seeking the best fairway woods for your upcoming professional drive, our following article enables you to choose the suitable one in affordable price.

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Top 7 Best Fairway Woods 2022

1. TaylorMade Men’s R15 Fairway Wood

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The first model we pay a high attention is the best fairway woods– TaylorMade Men’s R15 Fairway Wood. Why do we should take consideration of that tool? Let’ see how it can benefit your course.

Available in both right and left hand, that model is a great club for any level golfers. That model features the first fairway with sliding weight, new front track system, four- degree loft sleeve together with Fujikura Speeder 67 Evolution shaft and new Lamkin UTX grip technology.

These characteristics enable the wood to reduce the spin, enhance the spot size and improve the distance as well. 

Consequently, with that model, you can certainly slide the weight on the club to make it draw or fade according to your purpose. It is a big plus you should take consideration when choosing a good product among several models on the market.

Furthermore, when you purchase that model, you will have a chance to get one leather driver headcover and one torque wrench to adjust the loft or weight as additional bonuses. Price is also high of the concern.

Coming to this model, you are never worried about that because it is affordable and worth of money.You could not be more happy with this purchase. Come to us and enjoy it immediately.

2. TaylorMade Men’s JetSpeed Golf Fairway Wood

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If you are on the way finding a wood with the highest distance, taking the TaylorMade Men’s JetSpeed Golf Fairway Wood as an ideal choice.

Considered as the longest and most playable model ever, The Speed Pocket has been the key factor building the supper distance function. Besides, the low-and-forward CG is also an additional feature supporting that.The consequence is that with a smaller head, it enables the ball to go faster and longer.

Therefore, if you have trouble in hitting the ball in far distances, let’s find the JetSpeed to be your expectation. In the JetSpeed, the smaller in size and also they are likely to make a right decision in each shot.

Filled in with a polymer and Variable weight Matrix Velox T shaft design, that model provides the users with maximum feel and control at any swing speeds.

In any cases, the feel is very crucial because if the users have the excellent feels, they will make a right decision in their shots.The other advantage is the shallower face which makes it more playable both in the golf tee or on the ground.

These features explain why it is the best fairway woods on the golf market. No matter how hard you are, that model will definitely satisfy you a lot

3. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Fairway Woods

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The next option we would like to recommend to you is – Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Fairway Woods. Coming with fantastic features, that product is highly recommended by both purchasers and experts.

With a focus on longer distance and playability, the producers bring forged face up technology and advanced adjustable hosel to improve the model’s quality. What can you get from these features?

Not only does it make more ball speed, control the ball flight but also creates greater and precious shots for the users.

However, overall, the greatest feature that makes it different from others is innovative adjustable hosel. With this feature, you can reduce or enhance the loft in about 1 Degree increments to improve the launch angles and spin for more distance if you want to change.

The best fairway woods makes the longest and straightest shots ever, but more necessarily, it makes it easy to hit for any level purchasers. Therefore, it should certainly be considered for an additional item in your bag.

4. Callaway RAZR Fit Fairway Wood

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Another recommendation comes from a model of Callaway called Callaway RAZR Fit Fairway Wood. Explore fantastic characteristic of that model as below.

Compare to other models, that woods allows the users to establish the face angle in any positions like open, square or closed to improve the ball airborne.

In addition to OptiFit Hosel, Aggressive VFT® Technology Precision also makes the size of the sweet spot larger. As a result, the distance and ball speed increase as well.

Besides, the adjustment is useful, too. Unlike the driver there are no adjustable weights, you can hit this hit this 200 yards straight or with a draw or fade depending on the weighting you set. How convenient it is!

If you prefer an over-sized driving fairway wood to use from the tee, that model is the best fairway woods to become the greatest companion in your course.

5. Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Fairway Wood

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When purchasing a product, we always wonder about the real quality possibly exaggerated at the advertisement. However, when Cleveland talks about their hottest product, we should pay more attention.

Cleveland is different from others by its performance. Still keeping the traditional style in black, it is an ideal choice for people who like the classic model.

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Fairway Wood is a combination of strength and forgiveness, which contributes mostly to the correct shots. A weighted plug in the sole pulls and an updated variable-thickness face is two key technologies of the model.

That results in raising launch and increasing the ball speeds. The strike is not always in the center. With off-center hits, what model can benefit you? With largest sweet spot, whether your strike is on or off the center, it ensures fast speed and more distance as well.

It is undeniable that it is the best fairway woods in the golf industry. That model is suitable for all groups of users especially average golfers who is seeking a multipurpose model.

6. Bullet Golf .444 Hi-Loft Fairway Wood

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Here is the best fairway woods on the golf market all over the world- Bullet Golf .444 Hi-Loft Fairway Wood.

Besides quality, the appearance is also crucial. A beautiful wood not only makes you more confident but also styles yourself. If you are wondering which model can express your fashion, let that model solve it.

With the fashionable design, that product is one of the most popular ones purchased by a wide range of users, especially people who love the style.

Heavy stainless steel wood may make it difficult to hand it in and get the ball up. Now with thinner steel crown and lower weight, that model enable you to hit the ball much easier.

Even if you have trouble with your arm or shoulder, lightweight design helps to generate the perfect fight.

Stop standing long, heavy fairway wood that prevents you from making great ball airborne. To be one of the first owners of that incredible model, you definitely never regret your purchase. Come to us and enjoy us.

7. TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner TP Fairway Wood

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TaylorMade is a familiar brand name among several kinds of big sports brand. Generating a number of models with different feature relating to different purpose, TaylorMade is considered as a high-end brand all over the world.

Among all of them, TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner TP Fairway Wood is the best fairway wood ever.

The specific characteristic of TaylorMade is distance improvement. That model is not different at all. That wood uses the biggest speed pocket ever to gain top launch by maximizing the sweet spot size, minimizing the spin and making the face flex.

The shape of the wood is also a key factor. Designed in new aerodynamic profile, its shallower face and higher center crown disrupt the airflow and put the wood’s head go through the air faster.

As a result, more speed for more distance is generated. The face is also made from Ni-CO 300- the highest strength face material to ensure its quality and durability.

The best fairway woods can be purchased by any level users. However, if a loft to the course is demanded, that model is excellent for the strong users going to Par 5’s and need the ball to land smoothly. What an amazing model!

A fairway wood has become a key factor contributing significantly to the win of golfers. Whether it can benefit the users or not depends on how it is suitable for the purpose of users.

 Among several different kinds of models on the golf market, choosing the best fairway woods is not difficult if you follow our article above. It is summarized from various sources so as to have the most objective and judicious view. Be a smart buyer and make an appropriate choice for yourself.

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