Golf Courses: Top 10 Best golf courses in Kentucky

Golf Courses: Top 10 Best golf courses in Kentucky
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The foundation of Kentucky Golf Association in 1911 has fostered the development of golfing in this area until now. Therefore, we should have a look at top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky to understand why this royal sport can increase its popularity with many players.

Top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky
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 Top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky

  1. Valhalla Golf Club

In order to turn a natural land into the fantastic Valhalla, Jack Nicklaus has been highly praised for his amazing skills and great efforts. Therefore, playing golf in this course is considered as an exceptional experience for every golf enthusiast. Valhalla is also the destination which recognizes the history winning of Tiger Woods when he defeated Bob May in the breathtaking PGA Championship. Moreover, this club is committed to preserving the wildlife habitat as well as the surrounding environment, thus, you can face a number of birds and animals while playing golf here.

  1. The Club at Olde Stone

Among top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky, The Club at Olde Stone is regarded as the suitable place for friends gathering and relaxation after nervous time of working. Coming to this place, you can become one with the nature and enjoy the warm atmosphere that not many places can offer. Furthermore, with the talent of world-renowned designer Arthur Hills, The Club at Olde Stone will have a classic and elegant look with the combination of flowering gardens, manicured greens together with lush rolling fairways. All of these fantastic elements are amazingly combined at the same extraordinary setting.

  1. Idle Hour Country Club

Idle Hour Country is well-known for its modern and countryside style in the heart of Kentucky. As a consequence, you will become deeply immersed into the endless manicured greens along the course, which will create a refreshing and comfortable feeling when playing golf. However, Idle Hour Country has a restriction policy for membership, so that all of the players need to register to get access to the golf course. Besides, when logging into the website of Idle Hour Country, everyone is required to enter the member number, first name and last name accordingly.

  1. Old Silo Golf Course

Being the first golf design of Graham Marsh in North America, Old Silo can remain the traditional and distinct features when compared with the other courses these days. For anyone who is fond of staying here for a long time, there are many packages and options offered all year round. By applying to these programs, you can enjoy living at many high-class accommodations, tasting a variety of delicious food as well as maximize your golfing satisfaction at the same time.

  1. Big Spring Country Club

Coming to Big Spring Country, you can be absorbed into an exclusive 18-hole championship-style golf course so as to test your ability with both professional and amateur players. Moreover, you are able to take part in other healthy activities such as swimming and tennis with your beloved people. Furthermore, Big Spring is eager to create a cozy and interesting atmosphere for many families so that you can enhance your close-knit relationship after all. A team of professional planners is willing to organize parents-children dinner, tea party, children’s Halloween party as well as Family Gingerbread House Workshop.

  1. Keene Trace Golf Club

Being constructed in the rolling hills of central Kentucky, Keene Trace will provide a premier and outstanding playground for golfers of all ages and all skills. With regular maintenance, this golf club is the perfect destination for many regional and national championships every year such as NCAA Men’s Golf Championship, Men’s & Women’s SEC Championships, Multiple KY Opens together with NCAA Collegiate Preview.

  1. Hurstbourne Country Club

Now, I would like to introduce the 7th place in the list of top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky, which belongs to Hurstbourne Country. For many years, this club is widely popular for being one of the top-performing golf courses in Kentucky. Besides, Hurstbourne Country can remain its reputation to compete with other courses thanks to the superb support of a great golf team. They come from a variety of backgrounds but have the same pursuit for golf, so that they create a lot of outstanding ideas and improve the course’s quality day by day.

  1. Persimmon Ridge Golf Club

Persimmon Ridge is built in Louisville of Kentucky and has earned its reputation for being the 18-hole signature design of Arthur Hills. As a consequence, this place can attract a number of players to come by every year. Moreover, people find it easy and convenient to drive to this course since it takes only 10 minutes from the Louisville International Airport. Also, Persimmon is an ideal venue for any couples who are making decision to tie the knot. This place is always ready to make you shining on one of your most important days.

  1. Triple Crown Golf Club

With top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky, Triple Crown is definitely an excellent place to mention. Originally built in 1990 by Gene Bates, this club has become the hot place for every golfer. You can have a close look at the special lush collars of Kentucky bluegrass while wandering around the course. In addition, Triple Crown can provide a number of packages for small and big events including year-end party, corporate meeting or family gathering. You only need to discuss your plan with the staff, and then they will design a perfect party with superb dining experience, customized menu and creative decoration.

  1. Lassing Pointe Golf Course

Most of the golfers tend to have a deep affection with Lassing Pointe after visiting this place for the first time. You do not to worry about skills or ability when playing golf at this club. Lassing Pointe will design a challenging and fair course for experienced players. However, casual golfers can still enjoy the playable and fun game.

best golf courses in Kentucky
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The list of top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky has proven that golfers now can have a number of professional playgrounds to not only practice but also enjoy their life. Therefore, you are encouraged to visit these places and tell us your thoughts afterwards.

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