Top 10 best golf courses in Ohio

Top 10 best golf courses in Ohio
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Ohio has been widely popular for its Golf Association, which aims to look after the golf interest of a number of men and women. Therefore, identifying top 10 best golf courses in Ohio will help all of us know more about the layout as well as structure of a good club.

Top 10 best golf courses in Ohio
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Top 10 best golf courses in Ohio

  1. Scioto Country Club

Located in Columbus Ohio in 1916, Scioto Country is absolutely ranked among the top golf courses throughout the United States. With legendary architecture designed by Donald Ross, this place used to honorably host a number of championships for many years such as the U.S. Amateur Championship, the U.S Open as well as the U.S. Senior Open Championship. Due to this professional style, you need to comply with a variety of rules for the golf course, practice area attire, pace of play, tipping, clubhouse dress, denim policy, smoking as well as other regulations. By following these rules, you can fully enjoy the golf experience with the assistance from highly trained staff.

  1. Inverness Club

The second place existed in top 10 best golf courses in Ohio will be Inverness. Making full use of the rich heritage of Ohio land, this golf course is totally able to provide the best memory for all of the guests in their entire life. Inverness is designed to keep a historic, traditional and world-class layout, therefore, it is suitable for golfers of all skills and all ages. Apart from playing golf, this course is appointed as one of the most ideal places for gatherings. No matter what type of gatherings that you are searching for at this moment, Inverness is undoubtedly a perfect venue for anything, from small group outings to wedding celebrations and corporate meetings as well.

  1. Canterbury Golf Club

Being constructed according to the traditional Scottish style, Canterbury is definitely a picturesque and magnificent design in the heart of Ohio. As a result, this golf course will be able to provide a fun but demanding and challenging playground for both professional and amateur golfers. Moreover, Canterbury is considered as the second club all over the United States which used to host all five golf championships in terms of the US Open, Senior Open, Senior PGA Championship, PGA Championship together with the US Amateur Championship. All of these factors prove that playing golf in Canterbury is a long-lasting desire for any players.

  1. Brookside Country Club

Being regarded as the signature architecture of the well-known designer Donald Ross, you cannot ignore the legendary and breathtaking beauty of Brookside Country after visiting there once. After that, I am sure that you always want to come back again and again. To satisfy the guest’s dream, a driving range is offered for every Tuesday, which will create more inspiration for the players. Furthermore, if you feel hungry after a thrilling and competitive game, dining will be always available for you with exceptional cooking skills and a diversity of first-class dishes. In case you are in need of a private dinner, Brookside Country will never make you disappointing with unique menu and wise choice of wine.

  1. Kirtland Country Club

Now, I would like to introduce another excellent place among top 10 best golf courses in Ohio. With the purpose of delivering social and recreational experiences, Kirtland Country will help you to enhance your relationship with your friends and within your family. This golf course focuses on maximizing the players’ satisfaction as well as taking full responsibility for any mistakes. Therefore, this is a perfect place for relaxation after nervous time working or studying.

  1. Moraine Country Club

Situated along the rolling and glacier-carved hills of the Miami Valley, Moraine Country will be able to feast your eyes with the combination of classic Scottish style and incredible natural landscape. Also, many people consider this course as one of the most toughing ones in the United States. As a consequence, you cannot only have a look at the masterpiece of nature but also take part in a fierce competition in order to challenge yourself. Moraine Country has introduced a number of notices for golfers’ dressing in terms of clubhouse, seasonal dress code, men and women’s proper attire as well as other accessories.

  1. The Country Club

The Country has earned its fame for being the family friendly club in Ohio with a variety of sports and other outstanding services. This club is regarded as an important place that gives much contribution to developing the golf history. Hence, you can receive the superb services and remain unforgettable memories when enjoying golf at this place.

  1. Double Eagle Club

It will be a huge mistake if we do not mention Double Eagle in the list of top 10 best golf courses in Ohio. This typical 18-hole layout course is a truly natural masterpiece with endless greens, which will give you a refreshing and comfortable feeling at the first sight. Moreover, Double Eagle is strongly committed to community support since it opens a lot of fundraising and tournament programs for the disadvantaged. For instance, ‘Birdies for Buddies’ is regarded as the golf tournaments to support cancer research, which attracts more and more golfers to join in this meaningful activity.

  1. The Virtues Golf Club

The Virtues is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful courses in Ohio, which is designed based on the traditional parkland style. Therefore, you can walk along the course to observe the beautiful valleys, wide rolling fairways, immaculate greens as well as many mature trees in the same picture frame. In addition, if you want to save money when going in groups, there are 5 available packages annually in terms of Early Spring, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. With these offerings, you can enjoy the golfing, overnight accommodation, free breakfast and access to the local attractions.

  1. Coldstream Country Club

Followed the traditional and classic style of green grass course, Coldstream Country will bring you a comfortable but fun when playing golf. Nevertheless, you are required to remember the course etiquette in order to have a fully satisfactory trip. For golf course and practice area, you should dress accordingly and keep your cell phone silent anytime.

best golf courses in Ohio
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Going through top 10 best golf courses in Ohio, you can find out the most favorable one for yourself. Therefore, make sure to share your feelings with us in order to improve our understandings about this field.

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