Golf Courses: Top 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania

Golf Courses: Top 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania
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After a lot of research, Pennsylvania Golf Association is considered as the leading authority all over the United States with the control of over 300 clubs. Therefore, we are going to seek for top 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania, and then choose our favorite ones to come visit one day.

Top 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania
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Top 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania

  1. Oakmont Country Club

Oakmont Country is regarded as one of the most challenging courses in North America according to many golfers. You need to go through 18 toughing holes with hard and slick greens, tight fairways as well as a number of deep bunkers. As a result, in order to have a perfect play at Oakmont Country, golfers need to obtain the utmost precision and focus anytime. Moreover, this place is the regular host of many USGA and PGA championships for many years when compared with the other clubs in the US.

  1. Merion Golf Club

Merion is widely recognized as the legendary layout with the combination of sculpted greens and treacherous bunkers. This club consists of two distinct courses including The East and The West, which will be suitable for golfers of all ages and all skills. As a consequence, many golfers are willing to come to Merion to test their ability and enjoy the playability at the same time. By this way, they can relax and refine their spirit after daily working pressure.

  1. Aronimink Golf Club

Now, we are going to identify the 3rd place among top 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania. Aronimink is evaluated as one of the finest clubs throughout the United States with the provision of outstanding service levels, exceptional amenities together with well-trained staff. Thus, it is not a strange thing that Aronimink can achieve the universal recognition very quickly. Lastly, in case you are seeking an ideal destination for your wedding, do not hesitate to choose Aronimink since it is a perfect setting for you. With the capacity of 250 guests, you can become satisfied with unique menu, well-presented decoration, cozy atmosphere and entertaining activities.

  1. Fox Chapel Golf Club

With the purpose of creating a place to foster family-centric community, connect member and guests as well as concentrate on personal needs, Fox Chapel is truly a friendly and professional playground for every golf addict. Apart from golfing, you can also engage in other healthy activities such as fitness, massages, swimming, shooting and racquets sports. By this way, you cannot only stay healthy but also communicate with more friends.

  1. Lancaster Country Club

Situated in South Central area of Pennsylvania, Lancaster Country will be able to grab the attention of most golfers at the first sight thanks to its fascinating view. Undergoing a history of more than 100 years, this club is considered as one of the oldest in this state. Besides, a wide range of dining options including Ballroom, Terrace, Oak Room and the Lounges is available all year round to help you customize your events. Lancaster Country is able to arrange business meetings, family gathering, friend reunion and other parties which fit your budget and requirements.

  1. Saucon Valley Country Club

Saucon Valley will be the 6th name to be revealed in top 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania. If you have ever come to this club, you will identify its unique feature in terms of the number of holes. Saucon Valley is well-known for providing a distinct 6-hole course which will indulge more and more golfers to challenge themselves. Moreover, there are a variety of programs for kids available all year round which encourage them to pursue golf passion in the long run. You can invite your children to participate in Spring Kickoff, Spring and Summer Days of Golf, Sunday Junior Groups, Clinic 1, Girl Only as well as First Swing Group.

  1. The Philadelphia Cricket Club

The Philadelphia Cricket has earned its reputation for having three well-qualified courses with different characteristics that can maximize your inspiration for golf. The first course will be Wissahickon, which is the creation of legendary Tillinghast. Therefore, you experience the world-class playground and excellent facilities at this place.

Secondly, Militia Hill will provide the classic style which can overlook the Revolutionary War area. Thus, you can recall the childhood memories in an old but interesting course. Last but not least, St. Martin tends to play a role of a pleasant course that helps you to relax and feel comfortable during your game. Finally, all of these 3 courses are well-equipped with excellent facilities and outstanding staff assistance that can support you anytime.

  1. Philadelphia Country Club

Philadelphia Country aims to create a community that highly praises the integrity and respect for each other. Therefore, you can have faith in this place’s service since they can fulfill your enthusiasm for golf. Furthermore, you can visit a diversity of dining options that are designed for different purposes. For instance, people come to Grille Room for casual dining with their friends and family. However, if you are interested in a sport bar atmosphere, Bullitt Bistro is a wise choice with mirror-finished television sets. Apart from these two, you can also choose 1890 Room for formal dining, Byron Nelson Room for quick dining or Terrace for outdoor dining.

  1. Lehigh Country Club

Many people will remember the name Lehigh Country at once when they think of top 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania. Lehigh Country is widely popular for being one of the most spectacular parkland courses all over the world. You can become immersed into the Little Lehigh stream together with rolling hills of the Lehigh Valley, both of them will be able to feast your eyes after all. Besides, Lehigh Country always welcomes golfers with varying ability to come by and test their ability.

  1. Huntingdon Valley

After coming to Huntingdon Valley, you will experience one of the most thrilling and unforgettable moments in your life. This place is full of high-class amenities and service such as golf shop, bag storage, practice range, locker room as well as numerous tournament programs for both men and women.

best golf courses in Pennsylvania
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If you want to discover all of the places in top 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania, do not hesitate to do it immediately since you will never regret in the future. After your journey, make sure to share your achievements with us.

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