Top 10 golf courses in Florida

Top 10 golf courses in Florida
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Top 10 golf courses in Florida

These days, there are more and more people interested in playing golf. They gradually take part in this kind of sport in order to express themselves in the world of middle and upper society. Moreover, a number of golf courses are built with qualified standards nowadays. As a result, I would like to show you a list of top 10 golf courses in Florida as below.

  1. Seminole Golf Club

Seminole Golf Club is the first one to be introduced in top 10 golf courses in Florida. It is widely known as a private golf club in the north of Palm Beach, Florida and located in the town of Juno Beach as well. This golf club is founded by E.F. Hutton and constructed by Donald Ross in 1929. One of the most outstanding features about this place is the royal service, so that you are going to become a king or a queen when staying here. Moreover, you can experience a tour ride to observe the whole course, which can lead to the increase on your excitement. Besides, Seminole is famous for its subtle design that are hard to hit the perfect shot, which will stimulate the golf players to come more regularly.Top 10 golf courses in Florida

  1. Streamsong Golf Resort

When mentioning Florida golf courses, they are usually designed to have a flat terrain, full of palm trees and water. However, Streamsong will give you a different image from the typical Florida golf. One of the reasons for this is that Streamsong is situated in the semi-rural area of Florida, the East of Tampa and South of Orlando. When coming to this golf, you will be impressed by its sand dunes and wide green complex. Moreover, you can satisfy your eyes by looking at many holes routed through the dunes, trees as well as along the water.

  1. PGA National Resort and Spa

Among top 10 golf courses in Florida, PGA National Resort and Spa is regarded as the legendary place for luxurious service. With this course, you will not consider playing golf as only a normal game but also a way to relaxation after nervous time. Furthermore, there are 5 champion courses offered every year in order to make memorable moments for the players. Also, this is a valuable occasion for them to show their best ability after practicing for a while. Finally, after playing golf, people can use additional world-class services including spa, some kinds of art sports and private membership club as well.

  1. Innisbrook (Cooperhead)

With the purpose of providing comfortable, convenient and familiar feeling, Innisbrook is such a suitable place for anyone who are willing to experience the pleasures of personal well-being. This place is frequently ranked as one of the best golf courses in America, as a result, people can revive their spirit as well as balance their body and mind during their stay. Lastly, you can enjoy delicious meals at their fantastic restaurant with organic vegetables and also fresh seafood.

  1. Camp Creek Golf Club

Camp Creek is a natural heaven located in the Northwest of Florida. You can see a different image from the other courses when first entering to Camp Creek. This place is designed with all of the native plantings without any houses on the course, so that you can fall in line with the nature. Moreover, they try their best to protect the wildlife population by providing natural habitats. However, people need to be cautious since you can face some dangerous animals anytime such as crocodiles, snakes or spiders.

  1. Trump National Doral Golf Club

Trump National Doral Golf Club is known as the familiar courses for the professional players since it has some of the toughest holes that even the professionals are afraid of. Therefore, it also attracts the most spectacular views in Florida when the champion courses take place annually. Additionally, some unique and glamourous wedding destinations are provided for couples with personalized services.

  1. Bay Hill Club and Lodge

You need to remember that you cannot play golf at Bay Hill unless you are their club members or registered guests. Moreover, with the architecture along the shores of Butler Chain of Lakes, you will find it fascinating to compete in a breathtaking but fair competition against both professional and amateur players. Last but not least, you can go shopping daily and then choose some unique stuff with signature at this wonderful place.

golf courses in Florida

  1. Hammock Dunes Club

Now, I would like to show you a very distinguished club among top 10 golf courses in Florida. This place is located at the Central Atlantic Coast of Florida, therefore, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape with seaside lawns. Moreover, they offer a very limited number of membership all year round, so that you can comfortably enjoy the benefits when being an official club member. Also, apart from golf, you can maximize your satisfaction with oceanfront dining, boutique fitness, spa and pool.

  1. Hammock Beach Resort

With natural landscape and distinctive construction of golf course, Hammock Beach Resort will deliver the first-class experience for the players. You can really know how to enjoy the perfect location for a golf trip and then visit some other services as well. You can engage in kayaking, fishing and expansive lobby with full of qualified facilities such as fitness center, full size pool, beverage bar and laundry room.

  1. Crandon Golf

Being located on the island paradise of Key Biscayne, Crandon Golf is able to appeal a number of great golf players by having some of the most challenging courses. As a consequence, this club deserved to be called as the signature golf course in Miami. Also, you can book this place as a wedding venue, formal meeting as well as official ceremony with your family and friends.

In summary, this above list of top 10 golf courses in Florida will give you an overview of the best place to visit when you have a chance. Moreover, if you know any better places, please feel free to share the information with us, so that we can gain more knowledge together.

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