Top 10 best golf courses in Illinois

Top 10 best golf courses in Illinois
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Illinois, one of the largest cities in the United States, has increased on the number of golf courses these days. Hence, the list below will present top best 10 golf courses in Illinois according to my opinion.

Top 10 best golf courses in Illinois

Top-10-best golf courses in Illinois
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  1. Butler National Golf Club

Situated in the Western suburb of Oak Brook in Illinois, Butler National is well-known for previously holding the Western Open tournament. Therefore, people find it challenging and thrilling when competing in this course even for many times. However, you need to comply with a number of strict regulations in order to play golf in Butler National. In terms of dress code, detailed requirements will be given before entering the course as well as clubhouse. Furthermore, smoking will be prohibited when you are in the clubhouse. Nevertheless, by contacting golf shop beforehand, you will be well-equipped with full package of practice facility.

  1. Skokie Country Club

At this time, I would like to describe another place in top 10 best golf courses in Illinois, which is called as Skokie Country. This place is considered as the masterpiece in the heart of countryside since you can observe the endless green grass as well as the broad oak savannah plain when first setting your feet here. In addition, Skokie Country is willing to satisfy your dining needs, from a quiet corporate meeting to the exciting wedding celebration for many people.

  1. The Beverly Country Club

The Beverly Country is regarded as one of the finest golf courses all over the United States since there are no holes that run in the same route. Moreover, the designers have made full use of beautiful and gifted natural resources in order to give The Beverly Country a stunning appearance. You cannot ignore the beauty of the prominent ridge combined with sand dunes and manicured greens. Lastly, with the history of 4 times hosting Western Open championships, this course will undeniably help you to have a fierce but fair competition.

  1. Conway Farms Golf Club

With strong dedication of keeping traditions of golf, players tend to relate Conway Farms to a peaceful and quiet image. You will be greatly impressed by a mixture of endless grasslands, clear lakes as well as green trees. Furthermore, you may not find anywhere else that strongly support the amateur golfers like Conway Farms. Last but not least, this course always motivates their employees by not only providing fun and professional working environment but also give them opportunity for seeking for scholarships to improve their future career.

  1. Rich Harvest Farms

Taking advantage of promising geographic terrain of Illinois, Rich Harvest Farms is able to grab attention of many golf players at the first sight. By owning unlimited charms, this course will be an ideal place for any golfers all over the world. You will be totally immersed into the prairie grasses as well as wetlands since they are able to feast your eyes immediately. Besides, you can enjoy a diversity of food and beverages with excellent cooking skill. All of these stunning elements will last long inside your heart, which makes you accept to return to this place again and again.

  1. Marshall, IL Golf – Canyata Golf Course

The next destination that stands in top 10 best golf courses in Illinois will be Marshall, IL Golf – Canyata Golf Course. With the purpose of delivering the fun playground but still professional, Marshall will provide the world-class service to golf players of all ages and all skills. If you used to come here, I assure that you think of losing yourself into a natural wonder. As a result, you can relax yourself and refrain from being stressed after experiencing some days in Marsha.

  1. Knollwood Club

Being constructed in Lake Forest, Knollwood is undoubtedly a superb masterpiece that we take over from Mother Nature. One of the outstanding features is that this place is fully committed to preserving and protecting the traditions as well as classic style, which will distinct them from the other courses. Apart from playing golf, Knollwood also offers a variety of interesting sports such as racquets, swimming, skeet and cross country skiing. This kind of diversity will prevent the players from being bored and tired when playing only one sport during the day.

  1. Flossmoor Country Club

When mentioning top 10 best golf courses in Illinois, we cannot forget Flossmoor Country, which is considered as one of the oldest clubs in the Midwest. You can recall the past memories and previous events when playing golf in this classic parkland course. However, this reminder is able to fool you and stop you from hitting a good shot in order to earn more score.

In addition, there are many first-class rooms with unique features for people to organize weddings, fundraising programs as well as the other events. You can have 5 best choices with Ogilvie Room, Butterfield Room, Main Dining Room, Herd Room and Veranda Room. In the end, families can participate in group activities such as tennis and swimming in order to enhance close-knit relationship.

  1. Bull Valley Golf Club

Being built in Woodstock, Illinois, Bull Valley has earned its reputation for being a dreamland of golfers. At the same time, many professional golfers are passionate to come here and challenge themselves since this course is kind of the most difficult one in the Midwest until now. Also, you can book this destination as a wedding venue on one of your most important day in your life. Bull Valley is able to support your detailed requirements with friendly attitude such as indoor/outdoor area, wedding rehearsal, bridal room, cocktail tables or even dance floor.

  1. Shepherd’s Crook

Shepherd’s Crook is sculpted with the classic style, but it still follows a strategic outlay, so that it will be suitable for both professional and amateur players. Moreover, by becoming a member in the player’s club, you can have a lot of benefits including discounts, awards programs, membership gifts as well as year-end banquet.

best golf courses in Illinois
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After reading all of this information, you can seek for the best place for yourself out of top 10 best golf courses in Illinois. Remember to try at least one place if you have a chance and it will become one of the most memorable things in your life.

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