Top 10 golf courses in Michigan

Playing golf is becoming more and more popular nowadays, therefore, knowing good place to practice this sport is very important to improve our skill. Hence, I would like to show you a list of top 10 golf courses in Michigan, and then you can have your own choice.

Top 10 golf courses in MichiganTop 10 golf courses in Michigan

  1. Angels Crossing Golf Club

Located in Vicksburg of Michigan, Angels Crossing is one of the golf clubs that look beautiful and outstanding in both postcard and real life. As a consequence, with its unique design as well as natural beauty, this club absolutely deserves to obtain one spot in top 10 golf courses in Michigan. Moreover, with traditional spirit and classic style of service, you can totally be immersed into the game without worrying about time. After that, you can visit the famous restaurant Creekside Grille with a variety of food cuisine including Asian, American, Italian and so on. There is one special about this place is that they also provide in-home chef for personal request in special occasions, conferences, parties as well as meetings.

  1. Apple Mountain

When coming to Apple Mountain, you will not only receive the perfect service but also be able to raise funds for charity, employee rewards, business negotiation, as well as friends’ reunion after working time. This club usually offers a wide range of food and beverage pricing in order to challenge and satisfy the golf players of all ages and skill levels. However, you are required to wear collar shirts at all times to have a professional appearance. In addition, there is a minus point for this place is that they can provide only a limited number of food and beverages for the players.

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  1. Arcadia Bluffs

Arcadia Bluff, situated along the Lake Michigan, is famous for its world class layout and service. You have to pay fee for daily game and cannot register for private membership. However, the atmosphere, architecture as well as service will make you totally satisfied at the first time. You can use GPS-equipped cart anytime to have a tour ride around the course. Additionally, you can have dinner with locally produced food and enjoy beautiful sunset at the same time.

  1. Bay Harbor Golf Club

Now, I would like to introduce another place in top 10 golf courses in Michigan. Bay Harbor is designed to become one of the most beautiful located on the shore of Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay as well as the toughest golf courses for both professional and amateur players. When coming to Harbor, you will be familiar with playing in pairs and the natural view formed by dunes and lush woodlands. Apart from a variety of restaurants, you can join special buffet for special occasions such as Thanksgiving.

  1. Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

Grand Traverse has earned its reputation by constructing one of the most challenging 18-hole course throughout America. Moreover, its natural beauty and colorful design is always praised among the golfers. You can enjoy a variety of spa packages including therapy and skin care that help you release stress and focus on detoxifying. Also, you can experience the excitement when going to Turtle Creek Casino and Leelanau Casino as well.

  1. Gull Lake View’s Bedford Valley Golf Club

Another site listed in top 10 golf courses in Michigan will be Gull Lake View. It is considered as the most frequent site to hold the championship courses. Gull Lake View consists of both classic and modern design with the provision of sufficient practice facility, friendly atmosphere and well-trained employees. Furthermore, you can stay here to experience the luxurious accommodation, hold corporate meeting as well as make reservation for your wedding.

  1. Belvedere Golf Club

In term of age, Belvedere is regarded as the most historic golf club in Michigan. Being constructed in the resort town of Charlevoix, Michigan, it will offer a different experience for all-level players. You can participate in a fun but fast and breathtaking challenge, so that it will become the most memorable thing during your vacation. Moreover, golf discount and weekly specials are always available at Belvedere, so that you can still enjoy full package of service and save more money simultaneously.

 golf courses in Michigan
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  1. Black Forest

Located at Wilderness Valley, Black Forest is the combination of elevation changes as well as natural elements such as trees, sands and grasses, so that the view can easily fool the player from hitting the perfect shot. As a result, with high level of concentration each time, you will never get tired and willing to come back anytime. Last but not least, you can find suitable course for your skill from low-handicapped to professional level.

  1. Black Lake Golf Club

If other golf clubs have only one signature hole course, every design in Black Lake can be regarded as the symbolic architect on the front page of a magazine. With the environmentally friendly feel, you can certainly assure that nothing is artificial at this place. Moreover, a number of tournaments will take place annually with attractive prizes. You can also enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with your family and friends any day.

  1. The Heather

Being built in Boyne Highlands in 1966, The Heather is designed to be one of the finest courses all over the nation. In addition, you can meet a number of women and senior players here since they find this place comfortable and friendly. In addition, you can take part in some other sports such as skiing and riding. Finally, you are able to experience professional service from spa and salons, wedding celebrations, meetings, dining as well as other entertainment.

In conclusion, you can have a clear overview about top 10 golf courses in Michigan with different features and services. Therefore, you can find a proper place for yourself at this moment. Moreover, in case you know any wonderful places out of this list, make sure to send us the information as soon as possible.

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