Top 10 Best Golf Cities in America

Top 10 Best Golf Cities in America
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If you are a great fan of golf, then the United States is a place you must not give a miss.  Within the country, there are a lot of other places to visit, but there are best golf cities, which are a must to visit. That doesn’t matter how much you want or afford to spend as there are cities, which are according and fits your pocket well.

10 Best Golf Cities in America

1. New York

New York is a city, which is full of opportunities for everyone and so is for golf players, if you are one of them then you can go there and take pleasure in some free rides as well as your most esteemed golf game legitimately. It is a myth that this city is quite costly, and you can get rid of it when you plan a visit there.

10 Best Golf Cities in America
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2. Las Vegas

How about to play golf within the desert area? Las Vegas is the place where you can find a place without a lawn, but you can opt for it to play golf without any boundaries and limitation. There are various other facilities available for the ultimate enjoyment you just cannot afford to miss.

3. Chicago

Next is Chicago, which is popular for its sports event and is quite a large city, which can do that legitimately. It is a place, which is well-known for other things as well. Few are like for comedy, its architecture, and museum, etc. So if you plan a visit there, then it will be a trip, which can give you value for your money you will spend.

4. California

California a city in San Francisco, USA is popular for its world famous bridge and various other places as well. Here if you think there is no place to play golf then it is a mistake there is available. There you can enjoy the view of one of the longest bridge as well as golf.

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5. Charleston

Charleston within north California US is a beautiful place, which is a must to visit. It is a historic place and earlier day kings were used and love to play golf a lot so here are the places where you can see those places as well as if you are keen to play then you can do that but need to pay for that quite handsome price.

6. Seattle

What about Seattle, which is a quite famous city within Washington US are full of mountain area and farmers as well. So there you can find an adequate place to play golf, and you can find a gorgeous thing to gift your near and dear ones as well as for yourself.

7. Washington D.C.

If you would like to play golf on ice, then it is a place you must visit. It is Washington DC in the US, which is a city, which will let you fall in love with this place and with a variety of weather availability you can choose to visit according to your favorite endure.

8. Honolulu

Honolulu Hawaii is a place within the US, which is quite famous for its scenery, and you can enjoy there your game as well explore beach of Hawaii, which is superb. Here places are so beautiful while watching them you will forget about your golf, but if you love to play golf more than any other thing, then you can try this place as well.

9. Palm Spring and San Diego

Palm Spring and San Diego within California are two distinct places but are perfect for playing golf. Palm spring is a place full of resorts and golfer enjoys playing within the city as well as San Diego has got Natural Park of, which few are available to play golf. These two cities a golf player should visit and won’t regret.

10. Orlando

Orlando in Florida US is known for its world famous amusement park and for other places as well. There if you visit and want to spend some time in playing golf, then you will find few places to do that. It also represents culture diversity worldwide.

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Golf Championship and Winners

Since finest golf players who are champions and winners of Olympic championship many times are from the US itself, and then it is a country well known for golf players. Therefore, it is a country where you can find out best equipment for playing golf. It is a country who can make a beginner be an expert in playing golf.

Here few cities are present like Palm Spring where resorts are present, which encourages new golf players to join their golf game and learn nuances of the golf and its required equipment. You will learn about rules and regulation you need to follow when you will go for some golf competition or may reach a level up to entry in Olympic.

You should be aware of the most vital tool you need to focus on while playing golf. You can take your golf club only fourteen in number with you. Ball of golf should spin more in, which lawn and, which kind of bag you should have when you are going to play golf etc. are quite few to mention.

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